Dual Color (Chameleon) Traffic Advisors

Our engineer partners have done it again—they have taken LED, one of the brightest lighting options available, and added a revolutionary feature: Dual Color Traffic Advisor Light Bars.

Dual Color Emergency LED Light Bars allow you to illuminate the night in red, white, or strong amber. Amber is widely understood as “traffic direction” or “caution”, while red and blue are generally interpreted as “emergency.” With our products, you can toggle between the colors with the flick of a switch, which means you get two uses for the price of one light bar.

Our Dual Color Traffic Advisor Light Bars has the capability of changing colors at the flick of a switch (Dual color LED’s). You can switch from RED to AMBER, BLUE to AMBER, and RED/BLUE to AMBER. This allows our customers to get two uses out of the bar for the price of one. For example, some customers use our lights because they are volunteer firefighters, and they can now use the light for snow plowing and towing as well.

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