Emergency Vehicle Mini LED Light Bars

Mini LED Light Bars

Our Emergency Vehicle Mini LED Light Bars offer a smaller, easier to install, and more affordable alternative to our full-size LED light bars. They’re the clear choice for construction workers, public safety workers, tow truck operators, police officers, and firefighter volunteers.

Small But Bright

Don’t be fooled by their size—these light bars are ridiculously bright.

Small but strong, each mini LED light bar is loaded with bright LEDs, making them a powerful warning light solution. The small lights turn the top of your vehicle into a beacon of pulsating brightness that cautions motorists and pedestrians to pay attention and slow down.

Ultra Slim Design

What’s even more amazing about our mini bars is how fast they can go into action. Their lengths range from 15 to 60 inches, with add-on options like takedown and alley lighting, Stop-Tail Turn modules, and traffic advisors. Their ultra slim designs, combined with mounting hardware, allow the high-powered bars to be mounted in tight locations (e.g. below roof racks).

In addition, our mini LED lightbars come with standardized clear lenses for added stealth. They also come with TIR and linear optic choices, and you can use two separate bars in one due to our new two-mode option.

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