Off Road LED Light Bars

Off Road LED Light Bars

No matter how dark the night is, you can see obstacles and trail conditions, both near and far, with Off Road LED Light Bars from LED Equipped. Our lineup of off-road lights comes with a wealth of state-of-the-art features, including super white Cree LEDs, cast aluminum alloy housings, and weatherproof designs.

The light bars are also created from the highest quality metals and plastics, ensuring that they will function properly for years to come.

Latest Features

Our products can illuminate large areas without overheating or wasting power. Each bar consists of multiple rows of LED, designed to properly utilize every lumen the LED elements produce. The rubberized pads under each bracket allow the light to point exactly where you want it.

Our off-road LED lights also come with the latest design lenses and reflectors, and can handle vibration and shock even from the roughest terrain.

Easy Installation and Mounting

Designed for easy installation, each off-road LED light is complete with mounting feet for simple and solid mounting.

Choose from our range of products to light up the nighttime, avoid hazardous obstacles, and stay safe in any weather condition.

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