Traffic Advisor LED Light Bars

Our Traffic Advisor LED Light Bars encompasses an entire series of lights, ranging from a 2 head deck light to 8 head lightsticks. These lightsticks are also available in TIR and Linear optics, giving the user choice between head on power or increased off-axis coverage. Constructed from high-strength aluminum, these lightsticks are lightweight enough to allow mounting nearly anywhere in the vehicle.
All lightsticks feature a channel on the rear of the stick, allowing various mounting options in addition to the brackets included. This gives the user the ability to place, hang, or otherwise mount the light in nearly every section of the vehicle. The Traffic advisors are also completely waterproof, which means users can mount the lights outside the vehicle, as well as inside.
The high powered LED modules are designed to be easily upgraded or exchanged, making the lightstick easily field serviced. Gone are the days of removing an entire light, just to replace a single faulty or outdated module; replace or upgrade the module by simply removing the module and plugging in a new one.

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