Prairie Falcon 200 watt Police Siren

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The New Prairie Falcon Siren consists of a 200W Siren system which features a wired hand-held microphone and multiple operational modes including siren mode, horn mode, and radio mode. This system can be paired with one of the three available speaker systems to deliver crystal clear warning signals. The speaker system consists of a conventional horn speaker system with a rating of 120-130dB, the speaker system consists of a compact speaker system with a higher rating of 120-130dB
  • Clear sound frequency
  • Amplifier output power of 200-watts
  • Independent siren tones for easy selection
  • Siren tones include: Aux, Tool, Wail, Yelp, Phaser & Hi-Lo
  • Combined Amplifier and Faceplate unit
  • Includes flat brackets for mounting unit
  • Includes microphone with 2 feet of coiled cable which extends to 6 feet
  • Includes 10 feet of cable to speaker and 8.5 feet to power
  • Speaker sold separately
  • 3 year manufacturers defect warranty

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