Dual Color LED Light Bars

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Dual Color Led Light Bars for First Responders

Whether you are a first responder or in the police force, having a color-changing LED light bar for your vehicle is necessary for emergencies. You can choose between different light patterns or traffic advisory patterns within seconds that an issue arises. With a modern design and an up to date microprocessor circuit, these LED lights also facilitate low power consumption so you never have to worry about sudden stops or malfunctions.

Our colored LED light bar allows for bright rays to be seen even in broad daylight.  With state-of-the-art technology and design, these dual-color LED light bars are the perfect solution for emergency responders. LED Equipped offers high-performance waterproof lighting additions that are both reliable and dependable, giving you the tools to do your job as best as possible.

Color-Changing LED Light Bars for Emergency Vehicles

All of our color-changing light bars can be easily added to your vehicle without the use of drilling. They can also be easily hardwired to your existing switch box for easy installation.

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