LED Light Bars for Trucks & Emergency Vehicles

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LED Emergency Lights that Get Tow Trucks, Police Cars and Fire Trucks Noticed

Top your truck or police car with three watts of ultra-bright LED light bars for trucks. These are well-suited for various types of other emergency vehicles as well.

Versatile, powerful, and fully weatherproof, our slim and bright light bars for trucks are easy to connect to any vehicle. They’re also made of heavy-duty materials that are long-lasting and reliable; when you turn them on, they stay on until the job is done, making them a great solution for emergency vehicle lights.

Our light bars for cars are available in different lengths, ranging from mini light bars to full size 15 to 60 inches. They also come with standardized clear lenses and customizable optic choices between Linear and TIR styles.

LED Lights For Every Emergency Vehicle

If you’re a construction, law enforcement, emergency, ambulance, tow truck, parking enforcement, or public service professional, then you’ll need our rooftop-mountable full-size emergency light bars, which are large and powerful enough to make your vehicle visible on the job. Combined with police sirens and speakers, our products will serve adequate warnings to other drivers on or off-road.

Our emergency light bars for trucks have add-on options, such as alleys and takedowns, Stop-Tail-Turn modules, and traffic advisors, making them perfect for all warning requirements.

Emergency Light Bars Empower Police Officers

Our powerful police light bars enable law enforcement to give a universally recognized warning sign to individuals on and off the road. The pulsing warning lights from police cars communicate to drivers that they need to pull over. Our LED warning lights help to bring a potentially dangerous situation under control more quickly.

LED light bars for police cars, therefore, also promote the safety not only of the public but also the police officers.

LED Lights Clear the Way for Fire Trucks

The sound of a fire siren turns heads, but it’s the sight of flashing, red firefighter lights coming their way that jolts people into action. Our LED emergency lights for volunteer vehicles are perfect for firetrucks and auxiliary tiller trucks. Together with the sirens on our inventory, they make up an effective warning system that’s more affordable and long-lasting than the standard halogen lamps and HID flashing lights.

LED Equipped designs and programs all the emergency lights in our inventory. We use the latest technology for LED lighting and patent our designs. You can be sure you’re getting a quality product when you buy emergency vehicle lights from LED Equipped.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Our customer service team is here to resolve any problems that you have with our LED emergency lights or service. We’ll provide assistance by answering a question about one of our emergency LED light bars, checking on your order, and giving you just the information you need.

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