Emergency vehicle lighting and Equipment

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Emergency Vehicle Lights & More

LED Emergency Vehicle Lights & Equipment For Every Car or Truck


LedEquipped provides individuals & departments with police light bars, emergency vehicle lighting and equipment worldwide. Combining our interest and attention to quality, affordability, and the ability to customize for any vehicle, we have become one of top choices for Emergency Vehicle Lights & Equipment.


LED Emergency & Warning Light Bars


LedEquipped strives to offer only the highest quality emergency vehicle warning lights to cater to all types of individuals and departments which include police LED lights, police light bars, tow truck light bars ,police sirens, and all types of LED light bars.


LED Police Light Bars & Emergency Vehicle Lights


LedEquipped has been a top provider of LED emergency vehicle lights for both individuals & departments. With our robust selection of police light bars, vehicle warning lights and other emergency vehicle lighting equipment, we have been the go to source worldwide. We have made it the easy choice with our competitive pricing, high quality products and newest technology.


LED Safety Warning Lights


Safety is the main concern for both vehicles and pedestrians on the road and the workers themselves. LedEquipped offers a range of vehicle warning lights that provide safety to all personnel on the job and people on the road. These include Light bars and amber warning lists for tow trucks and construction vehicles and many other Led lights to direct the passerbyers toward safety. Additionally, we offer an abundant range of different work lights and off road lights which can outfit any vehicle. With so many choices to choose from and quality which can be seen day or night, safety is easily attained.


Emergency Lights Bars Sizes & Choices For Every & Any Use


LedEquipped provides all of our Emergency Led bars in every color combination and multiple sizes to make outfitting your vehicle easy and affordable. Our bars can be installed alone or with other equipment on the vehicle. They are designed to work hand in hand with other Emergency vehicle equipment whether they LedEquipped merchandise or preinstalled.


Police Sirens and Equipment


LedEquipped aims to provide all Police vehicle equipment including sirens, speakers and consoles. With their unique design and features you will have easy time getting through traffic. Our siren consoles are made to provide a easy one controller to control all equipment in the vehicle.


Off Road Light Bars and Work Lights


Being seen is key and to be able to see is even more important. Our off road light bars and work lights are made using the highest quality chips and materials so that you use them in all terrain and weather.