Traffic Advisor & Directional Arrow Stick LED Light Bars

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Traffic Advisor LED Light Bars

Use one of our traffic advisor LED light bars to improve your vehicle’s day and nighttime visibility and increase your safety. The traffic light bar is built with dynamic controls that allow it to program the lights with a specific direction so that you can utilize the flash patterns depending on the situation.

Quality and Versatility for Traffic Advisor Lights

Our traffic advisor light bars for vehicles come in sizes ranging from 5 inches to 38 inches. All are built with a lightweight aluminum frame, making it easy to install anywhere in your vehicle. They’re also waterproof, so drivers can mount them on their vehicle without worrying about the weather.

These high-powered LED traffic advisor light bar arrow sticks are also made to be updated or exchanged, so when a single module fails, there’s no need to replace the whole light. Instead, you can purchase a single module and replace it on the go.

Arrow Stick Lights Designed for Safety and Reliability

We know that you need affordable lighting for your police, EMS, fire, construction, or towing vehicles and that safety and reliability are important to you. That’s why we provide affordable, high-quality traffic advisor lights at every price range and size.

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