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A Guide to Purchasing LED Police Lights and Sirens

LED police lights and sirens are of vital importance for law enforcement vehicles, as the equipment effectively alerts other motorists and enables officers to quickly and safely move through traffic.

Patrol cars and official vehicles used in the course of local, state and federal operations must have high-quality emergency lighting and siren systems. Unmarked cars, trucks and SUVs driven by undercover officers also need the equipment. But with the many options, shopping for LED lights and vehicle sirens isn’t all that easy.

That’s why the LED Equipped team created this informational guide. Here, we share a quick overview of the different types of LED police lights and sirens available along with information that should be helpful to anyone who is looking to make a purchase.

LED Police Lights

Vehicle lighting distributors offer a wide selection of LED lights for official and unmarked police cars.

LED light bars are a common choice for squad cars and patrol vans, as rooftop-mounted lighting provides maximum illumination and visibility with a far reach. And, many light bars feature traffic advisors that assist officers in directing other drivers.

For undercover officers, however, LED light bars aren’t practical. They need discreet emergency lighting, as that allows their vehicles to blend in until it’s time to take action. Most opt for one or more of the following types of LED police lights:

  • Dash lights – Designed to remain out of sight inside a vehicle when not in use, LED dash lights feature powerful suction cups and can be mounted on the windshield or dash the moment they’re needed.
  • Visor light bars – Almost invisible when turned off, LED visor light bars are discreet enough for unmarked cars, yet they also offer instant, intense illumination at the flick of a switch.
  • Grill lights – With their slim, low-profile housing, LED grill lights mounted on the dashboard or behind the grill attract no attention until they’re turned on, at which point they provide powerful brightness and increased visibility.
  • Hideaway lights – At about 1.5 inches in diameter, LED hideaway lights are both small and mighty, and undercover officers can install them inside their headlights and taillights, within their wheel wells and in many other areas of their vehicles.

Vehicle Sirens

Law enforcement officers need effective vehicle sirens to signal motorists and safely move through traffic. High-quality sirens, like those we offer here at LED Equipped, create recognizable warning alarms in a number of industry-standard tones such as Yelp, Phaser, Hi-Lo, Wail and Air Horn.

The best emergency vehicle sirens also include several user-friendly features – we suggest that officers look for models that offer the alarm tones they need along with the following:

  • Controls for LED police lights
  • Dashboard or remote mounting
  • Handheld units with button or knob controls

Vehicle PA Systems

Some vehicle sirens – like many of the models at LED Equipped — include public address (PA) systems or speakers, as law enforcement officers frequently need to provide verbal warnings or instructions to pedestrians and motorists. Separate PA speakers are also available, and either can be combined with LED police lights for a highly effective setup.

Offers can choose from 100-watt, 150-watt and 200-watt vehicle PA systems and siren speakers. Top-quality models are constructed from strong, lightweight materials and are designed for fast and easy installation. The PA siren systems we sell also:

  • Provide loud and clear sound
  • Offer wide-angle sound dispersion
  • Designed to save space and operate efficiently

Installing LED Police Lights and Sirens

Many law enforcement officers turn the installation of their LED police lights and sirens over to a designated electrician or vehicle expert who works for their department. That’s the safest and easiest route to take, and leaving the task to a professional ensures that the work is completed correctly.

However, not all police departments have electricians or vehicle experts on the payroll, and many lack the financial resources to cover the cost of LED lighting and siren system installation. But, officers can handle the work themselves – high-quality products like those found here at LED Equipped all come with step-by-step manuals. As long as the necessary precautions are followed, anyone can safely install their own LED police lights, vehicle siren and PA system.

That isn’t to say that installation always goes smoothly. But when things go awry, the LED Equipped team is here to help. We’re ready to offer troubleshooting tips and suggestions on how to solve wiring problems and mounting issues — and, if necessary, we can initiate an exchange or refund. Our specialists can also assist with warranty and service claims, walking customers through the process of dealing with malfunctioning equipment.

Finding the Ideal LED Police Lights and Sirens

Law enforcement officers can purchase LED lights and sirens from a range of sources, as more than a few vehicle lighting distributors sell products that are well-suited for official and unmarked police cars. That said, shopping with LED Equipped is your best bet – and though we might be biased, we also have sound reasons for making that statement. Officers should get their LED police lights and sirens from us because:

  • LED Equipped is the preferred vehicle lighting distributor for police departments across the country.
  • We offer a vast selection of high-quality LED police lights, sirens and PA speaker systems made by industry-leading manufacturers.
  • Bundled products are available at LED Equipped, and our bundles include hardware, mounting equipment and accessories for a discounted price.
  • Our top-notch LED lighting and siren products come with budget-friendly prices and an impressive 3-year warranty.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, we have accreditation and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • LED Equipped is a Shopper Approved company, and with almost 800 reviews, our customer rating is a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars.
  • We’re committed to customer satisfaction, and we provide a level of service that keeps people coming back.

Furthermore, LED Equipped is happy to help police officers find the right emergency vehicle lighting, sirens and PA systems. Getting expert assistance is as easy as giving us a call – our friendly and knowledgeable team can answer questions about our various products, offer advice on installation and recommend LED lighting and siren solutions to meet anyone’s needs.

And at LED Equipped, returns are easy. We’re willing to issue a refund or exchange for any product sent back to us within 30 days of purchase – no questions asked. So on the off-chance someone isn’t satisfied with their police lights, siren or PA speakers, our favorable return policy offers protection.

Purchase Orders for Police Lights and Sirens

At LED Equipped, we accept several payment options – and that includes government purchase orders.

While anyone can purchase our LED lighting, sirens and PA systems, those who work in law enforcement don’t always have to spend their own money to outfit their vehicles. Officers are welcome to use purchase orders to pay for our products, and the option is also available for firefighters, first responders and employees of other local, state and federal agencies.

Using a purchase order at LED Equipped is simple – just place an order online, select “purchase order” as the payment method and email or fax over a signed copy of an official department form or a signed document on agency letterhead. We’ll verify the information, process the order and quickly ship out the LED police lights and sirens.

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