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Off Road LED Lights

LED Lights for Off-Road Vehicles and Commercial Trucks Ensure Your Safety

Looking for off-road LED lights to top your truck? If so, we have the perfect selection for you. At LED Equipped, we offer several off-road light bars and work lights, so you can stay prepared on all of your vehicles is ready for all off-roading adventures.

High-Intensity Floodlights for ATVs, Trucks, & Off-Road Vehicles

These high-intensity floodlights give direct visibility right where you need it. With our line of versatile off-road lighting, you can use the mounting brackets to attach the LED light bars any of these fixtures onto an ATV or inside an enclosed trailer for optimal visibility. They also serve as the perfect off-road LEDs for SUVs, pickup trucks, ATVs, monster trucks and other off-road vehicles as well. With our products, you can have the off-road experience you've always wanted.

Off-Road Light Bars for Trucks

Looking for something with a little bit more power? We build Off-Road LED Light Bars using state-of-the-art technology and premium materials, delivering products that can withstand tough weather conditions.

Designed with the most up to date micro compressors in the industry, our LED light bars for off-road driving have a long life span, lasting much longer than standard Xenon and Halogen lights.

They are also able to withstand rough environments that would typically damage overhead and exterior-mounted auxiliary lights. With our LED light bars and floodlights, you no longer have to worry about water penetration or damaging vibrations.

At LED Equipped, you can have confidence knowing that your vehicle lighting is made with the highest quality materials and technology.

Shop our line of high-quality off-road LED lighting for your vehicle today.

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