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Falcon Eye2 27 Watt LED Work light
Falcon Eye2 27 Watt LED Work light

Welcome to our top of the line Falcon Eye2 27 Watt LED Work light. The...

Swift 3.0 TIR  3 Watt 6 LED Emergency Vehicle Grill Warning Light Head
Swift 3.0 TIR 3 Watt 6 LED Emergency Vehicle Grill Warning Light Head

Welcome to the high performance Swift 3.0 TIR 6 Grille Led surface mount LED light head....

L Bracket
L Bracket

90 degree L-shaped brackets Dimensions: 1.5"D x 2.5"H x 5.1"L

Swift 3.0 Fusion Frontier 3 Watt 6 LED Emergency Vehicle Grill Warning Light Head
Swift 3.0 Fusion Frontier 3 Watt 6 LED Emergency Vehicle Grill Warning Light Head

Welcome to the high performance Swift 3.0 Fusion Frontier 6 Grille Led surface mount LED light head....

Swift 3.0 TIR  3 Watt 12 LED Emergency Vehicle Grill Warning Light Head
Swift 3.0 TIR 3 Watt 12 LED Emergency Vehicle Grill Warning Light Head

Welcome to the high performance Swift 3.0 TIR 12 Grille Led surface mount LED light head....

Vulture2 27 Watt LED Work lights
Vulture2 27 Watt LED Work lights

Welcome to our top of the line 27 Watt LED Work lights. The lamp features...

Hunter TIR 3 WATT Interior Visor Led Light bar
Hunter TIR 3 WATT Interior Visor Led Light bar

Welcome to the high performance 4th Gen 3 watt low profile LED light bar designed...

Compact Siren Bundle
Compact Siren Bundle

The New Prairie Falcon Siren is stylish and economical. It has 100-watt siren with P.A....

Emergency Vehicle LED Lights

Emergency lighting when it matters most.

LED Equipped is a trusted source for emergency vehicle LED lights.

We specialize in:

  • Police Lights
  • Firemen Lights
  • Emergency Lights
  • Warning Lights
  • Tow Truck Light Bars
  • Visor Light Bars
  • Arrow Sticks
  • Siren Speakers
  • Headlight Flashers
  • Construction Beacons

Our products come standard with groundbreaking features that set them far beyond the competitors’ emergency vehicle LED lights. Our range is manufactured to the highest quality using the latest technology. Featuring some of the brightest lights and state-of-the-art optics, our lights are exactly what you need to be seen by other drivers.

Extensive Applications

Our catalog has extensive applications in the emergency services sector—from police, ambulance, and fire to recovery, rescue, and utility vehicles. Police vehicles, including prisoner transport, patrol, and K9 are the bulk of our market. However, we also have a loyal following of ambulance service companies and fire departments.

Affordable and Accessible

We aim to ensure our products are accessible to all our local customers, as well as affordable without having to compromise on quality, performance, and features.

Our products have the perfect balance of superior quality, optimum performance, and affordable pricing, tested to suit emergency vehicles and applications.

Excellent Customer Service, Three-Year Warranty

Combine that with our excellent customer service, and you’ll have a top-notch warning light set up to count on for years to come.

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team ideally positioned to deliver a responsive service to the highest standards of customer care and advice. In addition, we stand behind all our products and offer three-year warranty on our merchandise with extensive support and service.

This winning formula, coupled with a passion to serve, is what propelled us to be the top provider of emergency vehicle light needs across the country.

Browse through our extensive catalog today.


LED Emergency Vehicle Lights & Equipment for Every Car or Truck

LED Equipped provides individuals & departments with police light bars, emergency vehicle lighting and equipment worldwide. Combining our interest and attention to quality, affordability, and the ability to customize for any vehicle, we have become one of top choices for Emergency Vehicle Lights & Equipment.

Our vast selection of emergency LED lights makes us the one stop shop for a complete emergency response vehicle setup, whether it’s police, volunteer, firefighter, private security, or emergency medical services. Our products are also applicable to all commercial vehicles, such as utility trucks, tow trucks, and construction work trucks.

LED Emergency & Warning Light Bars

We also deliver the best in emergency and warning light systems, so that you can respond immediately and remain safe in your work zone.

LED Equipped strives to offer only the highest quality emergency vehicle warning lights to cater to all types of individuals and departments which include police LED lights, police light bars, tow truck light bars, police sirens, and all types of LED light bars. We stock both full-size and mini LED light bars to accommodate any need. These offer highly bright lumen output with lasting LED chips; they also come with plug and play ready control units.

LED Police Light Bars & Emergency Vehicle Lights

We are proud to play a part in saving lives, every day, with our police light bars and emergency vehicle lights.

LED Equipped has been a top provider of emergency vehicle lights for both individuals & departments. With our robust selection of police light bars, vehicle warning lights and other emergency vehicle lighting equipment, we have been the go-to source worldwide. We have made it the easy choice with our competitive pricing, high quality products and newest technology.

Don’t get caught with dull police and emergency lights. All our products are bright in daytime and nighttime, as they use powerful 3-watt LEDs or light emitting diodes.

LED Safety Warning Lights

Safety is the main concern for both vehicles and pedestrians on the road and the workers themselves. LED Equipped offers a range of vehicle warning lights that provide safety to all personnel on the job and people on the road. These include light bars and amber warning lists for tow trucks and construction vehicles and many other LED lights to direct the passersby toward safety. Additionally, we offer an abundant range of different work lights and off-road lights which can outfit any vehicle. With so many choices to choose from and quality which can be seen day or night, safety is easily attained.

Our safety warning lights help you minimize accidents and ensure that motorists and pedestrians are aware of your presence on the road—even if it’s pitch black outside. Moreover, they’re road-tested, resistant to moisture and vibration, and due to their LED bulbs, use much lower current than other safety warning lights.

Emergency Lights Bars Sizes & Choices for Every & Any Use

LED Equipped provides all of our Emergency LED bars in every color combination and multiple sizes to make outfitting your vehicle easy and affordable. Our bars can be installed alone or with other equipment on the vehicle. They are designed to work hand in hand with other emergency vehicle equipment, whether they’re LED Equipped merchandise or preinstalled.

Our products also utilize the latest advancements in LED technology and optics design, providing superior brightness and long life expectancy. LED lights are bright, generating 50 lumens per watt; they also last longer than other warning light types, such as halogen bulbs. This makes them some of the most reliable emergency lights available.

Police Sirens and Equipment

Sirens support the movement of emergency vehicles, especially when moving through heavy traffic. They capture attention effectively, as they can be heard from a distance and the sound is very distinct, alerting motorists immediately to move to the side.

LED Equipped aims to provide all Police vehicle equipment including sirens, speakers and consoles. With their unique design and features you will have easy time getting through traffic. Our siren consoles are made to provide an easy, single controller to control all equipment in the vehicle. Combine our sirens with our light bars for an effective first responder system.

Off Road Light Bars and Work Lights

Drivers who operate off-road vehicles, enjoying the wilderness or working in the bush, can select from an array of specialized off-road vehicle lights and light bars at LED Equipped.

Being seen is key and to be able to see is even more important. Our off road light bars and work lights are made using the highest quality chips and materials so that you use them in all terrain and weather.

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