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Basics on Emergency Light IP Ratings

Basics on Emergency Light IP Ratings

When it comes to emergency LED dash lights and other lights for emergency vehicles, there are several possible options out there. Emergency vehicles might need to go through a variety of terrain, including off-road areas, and must be able to make themselves known in a variety of situations.

At LedEquipped, we’re here to help you find the right lights for your emergency vehicle. One big factor here? The IP rating of a given light option, which stands for Internal Protection Rating and gives you some very important information. What is this number telling you? Let’s take a look.

Basic Letters and Numbers

An IP rating will be given with the letters “IP” and then two digits directly following. The first digit is the protection rating for solids, including dirt, dust, body parts and more. This first digit will run on a scale between zero and six, with zero indicating that the electronic item is not protected from solids at all and six indicating that it is completely protected. A rating of six is ideal for off-road lights and many other light bars and perfect for driving through any dirt or mud.

The second digit after the letters on your IP rating is for liquids and runs on a scale from zero to eight. Zero means the item has no protection from liquids, while eight means the vehicle is fully protected and can be immersed in water at least one meter deep.


Let’s say you’re looking at an off-road light with an IP rating of IP67. This light will be completely protected from solids with its six rating there, and will be able to be submerged in water between 15 centimeters and one meter deep safely – this is the threshold for lights with a liquid rating of seven.

For more information on IP ratings, or to learn about any of our emergency vehicle light options, speak to the pros at LedEquipped today.

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