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Emergency LED light bars

Best Emergency LED Light Bars for Volunteer First Responders

Lights for volunteer first responders — including firefighters and emergency medical technician — are crucial for doing your job and keeping your community safe.

Here at LED Equipped we have plenty of stock to choose from, and all the expert advice to ensure you and your vehicles get everything you need. Courtesy lights alert other motorists that you are a volunteer emergency first responder and that, if possible, it would be helpful or courteous to pull over and allow the responder to pass – even though it is not required by law.

Check Local Ordinances for Volunteer Emergency Light Laws

Before selecting lights, beam patterns, colors, etc. you would like to use in your LED light bars, you should first verify what the law says about volunteer emergency first responders using courtesy lights.

Many municipalities and counties around the country limit or specify certain beam colors and patterns designated as only for official, professional emergency first responders. In some locations, they specify another set of beam patterns and colors specifically for volunteer emergency first responders.

You might also want to contact the police in your area to be sure you are following all laws. Otherwise, you could be delayed in getting to a call if you get pulled over.

Discount Emergency LED Light Bar Bundles

Now that the nitty-gritty specifics of the legal requirements are out of the way, it is time to consider what you are looking for in an LED lighting bar system.

Many of LED Equipped’s loyal customers contact us for help choosing the right system. Whether you are familiar with LED light bars you are or you have no knowledge about these products whatsoever, we are here to help.

To make your selection easier, we have specially constructed packages and kits that contain everything you might need for installing an LED light bar system into your vehicle. From the LED light bars themselves to the wiring and mounting hardware, these discount LED vehicle light bundles provide everything you will need.

A la Carte LED Light Bars & Components

If you are familiar with LED light bars, we carry a wide array of individual products, from harnesses and mounts to wiring and connectors. We strive to keep the process as simple and affordable as possible, so you can get the LED light bars and accessories you need.

You can browse our online LED light catalog and purchase directly from our safe and secure website. If you don’t find what you are looking for, simply reach out to us for help. Every piece of equipment we offer includes an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Choosing Emergency LED Vehicle Light Features

The most basic choices you will have to make about your LED lighting system are how bright you would like the lights to be, as this affects the size and number of rows of bulbs in the unit. You will need to identify the location of the bar itself, which affects the size, style and shape of the bar. Finally, you will have to choose the beam pattern, which will affect how the LED lights illuminate the immediate area.

You will also need to choose the desired shape of your LED light bars. This decision is made typically based on aesthetic preferences. The most popular choices for newer vehicles and cars are curved LED bars, to match the softer, curved shaped lines of late model modern vehicles. Straight light bars are often better suited for older and classic vehicles as well as trucks, panel vans, SUVs and construction or industrial equipment or vehicles.

The last important piece to consider when selecting an LED Light Bar is to consider the beam pattern you would like. This is a critical consideration, because it will determine how your light bar will function. The two basic beam pattern types are flood and spot beam patterns.

The flood pattern is a light wash that illuminates the immediate area of the vehicle, making it easier to use equipment and work around the area of the vehicle. In addition to the flood beam pattern, you have options to choose spot LED vehicle lights. The spot beam pattern lights up a specific spot in the distance away. This is ideal for working away from your vehicle as well as for driving offroad or in harsh weather conditions.

The last two types of beam patterns are the combo and the multibeam patterns. The combo beam pattern produces both spot and flood lighting from the same unit, and allows you to toggle between one or the other. The multibeam pattern produces both beams at the same time, giving you a more well-rounded experience.

We even have products that allow you to toggle between all patterns, should that be something you need. Once again, speak to us about what features you are looking for, as there are more than we can even name here.

Industry-Leading Design & Quality

The longer the bar, the higher the lumen output will be. Each bar comes with a max of 2 rows of LED light bulbs, but it is more about the length of the bar that matters. LED light bars can start at as little as four inches wide up to as large as fifty inches. More LED light bulbs means more light output.

Our LED light bars are the most durable of any product on the market. They are dust-, water- and cold-resistant with solid-state design. This minimizes wear and tear and significantly improves their durability. Not only are our products ideal for all types of police, fire and emergency responder vehicles but they’re also ideal for maritime applications, off-road vehicles and more.

Installation Considerations for Emergency LED Lights

The accessories and wiring you need for installation will depend where you would like the bar to be located in or on your vehicle.

We have several models that can be installed and strategically placed so that people do not see the actual light bars themselves, but only their illumination when in use. This includes grille LED lights and LED running board lights. We also have all the standard options that can be installed on the roof of your vehicle as well as models that can be placed on your dashboard, connected either permanently or temporarily.

For rooftop or dashboard installation, you can permanent mounting brackets as well as more temporary options using magnets or suction cups. Dashboard LED light bars can be secured to the windshield via suction cups as well.

Whenever you need the best LED light bars available today – combined with exceptional pricing and customer service – remember LED Equipped. In addition to emergency vehicle LED lighting, we also carry a full line of police and emergency vehicle sirens, LED work lights for trucks and a wide range of parts and accessories. Contact us now for more information.

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