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Common Unmarked Police Vehicle Lights

Common Unmarked Police Vehicle Lights

For most drivers who have been on the road for a few years or more, the appearance of standard police and emergency vehicle lights is familiar. A combination of blue, white and red lights are used, often using emergency light bars prominently displayed on the top and sides of the vehicle.

At LedEquipped, we provide these options and so many more to first responders everywhere. Fewer folks are familiar, however, with the kinds of lights used by unmarked or undercover police units – these are important vehicles that need to be able to hide their status at times, but also must be able to identify themselves when an emergency is taking place. Let’s look at a few common emergency light options used by unmarked police vehicles.

Dash Lights

These are the most common light styles for all emergency vehicles, and they’re particularly useful for unmarked vehicles because of their compact interior design. Many models exist without any wiring whatsoever, allowing the model to be installed directly into the windshield using suction cups – and easily removed when necessary. A simple on/off switch allows it to function easily.

Mount Grill Lights

Another option for unmarked or undercover vehicles is mount grill lights, which can be mounted basically anywhere on the vehicle. The most common areas are grilles and license plates, but this can be used by undercover officers who simply want to reach a hand out the window and mount it on the roof of the car temporarily as well. The small size and water-sealed nature of these models makes them easy to drive with and hide, plus long-lasting and requiring very little maintenance.

Visor Lights

In other cases, unmarked vehicles may choose to use simple visor lights when necessary. These can fold easily into the visor area and be out of sight, but also provide a bright marker in cases where it’s needed.

To learn more about unmarked police vehicle lights, or for any of our other products, speak to the pros at LedEquipped today.

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