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Common Uses of LED Lights in Trucks

Common Uses of LED Lights in Trucks

At LedEquipped, we’re proud to provide high-quality emergency dash lights to a variety of vehicle and service types. From police and first responders to areas like towing and repairs, we have the right kinds of lights for you.

One vehicle type that’s becoming more and more popular for our LED light options is trucks. Many emergency services use truck lights for a variety of purposes, and they can also be helpful for construction and other related areas. Here are some of the most helpful ways emergency dash lights can be used in a truck.

Construction Area or Slow Zone

It’s common to see construction vehicles fitted for LED dash lights, and many tow trucks have light bar options as well. Even large trucks can sometimes be tough to see during road construction and may provide a hazard, but emergency lights allow for this not to become an issue.

In most cases, truck dash lights used for this purpose are single-color lights used for brightness and visibility, rather than multi-color options you often see in emergency vehicles. Yellow is the most common color here.

Locating Vehicles

For night projects or work, locating vehicles can be difficult. This is anther reason dash lights are employed. LED tow truck light bars are common to see for towing companies preparing to tow – they can help with safety for both themselves and oncoming traffic. These can often be simpler lighting options.

Warnings for Oncoming Traffic

More and more emergency services have begun including trucks in their vehicle fleets, and dash lights within them are a big part of this. Trucks are great for marking areas where traffic needs to be altered, particularly at night – their height and size offer increased visibility. In these cases, multi-light emergency patterns are more commonly used.

For more on how you can use LED lights in a truck, or to learn about any of our products, speak to the pros at LedEquipped today.

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