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Should you buy courtesy LED light bars online

Courtesy LED Light Bars for EMTs & Volunteer Firefighters

When an emergency arises and people need the assistance of volunteer first responders, time is of the utmost importance in saving people’s lives.

Courtesy LED light bars are used across the country by those life-saving volunteers on their personal vehicles. Many times, volunteer firefighters that are on call at their homes and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) need these courtesy LED lights to signify to other travelers around them that they are in the middle of some sort of emergency and, though they don’t have legal protections to ignore traffic laws and regulations, they do have somewhere to be and the matter is rather pressing.

When this happens, our first responders should be able to communicate their urgency easily, clearly, and, arguably most important, legally with their LED light bars. Here at LED Equipped we can help you select and even install the best courtesy LED Light bar option to get you where you need to go quickly and easily while helping your community.

Make Sure your LED Lights Are Legal

When first thinking about what you would want for a courtesy LED light bar, the first step you should take is investigating the local laws and ordinances surrounding the statutes governing those who use courtesy lights.

While every state and municipality are unique, of course, most of the various localities around the country do not allow EMTs or on-call volunteer firefighters and other non-professional first responders to ignore traffic lights, signs, and laws with their courtesy LED lights. It is also possible for the different government(s) around the country to limit or even restrict what kind of LED lights, colors, or even beam patterns can be used by non-professional first responders in personal vehicles courtesy LED lights. Further, it is even possible that the first responders who are not professionals will need to have identification on their person to prove they are in fact an emergency first responder and are even allowed to use courtesy lights.

Even though the laws state that you can have courtesy lights, it is also possible that the law may state that other motorists on the road don’t have to yield to you. Hence, the name of the lights, “Courtesy Lights”. When not following the letter of the law and respecting the local ordinances, courtesy lights can be a distraction on the road. How frustrating would it be to be pulled over on the way to the scene of an emergency you have been called to because your courtesy lights feature the wrong light beam pattern or the LED lights are the wrong color? If you check to ensure your LED courtesy lights comply with the law, it is possible to avoid this unfortunate encounter entirely.

Determining Whether LEDs Are Right for Your Needs

For EMTs and Firefighters that are on call, the alternatives pale in comparison to LED light bars.

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, leverage solid-state technology, meaning that they have absolutely no moving parts. This technology produces bright light that is clear and easy to see with in all types of conditions. Other kinds of lamps simply cannot produce the same bright level of light as LEDs. In addition to being even brighter and more powerful than competing style bulbs, LED light bars are more reliable than every other lamp currently on the market! LED lights don’t even need to be warmed up. Simply flip the switch and instant bright clear light available to complete your vital lifesaving job.

In addition to being the most powerful and brightest lamps on the market today, these luminescent LED light bulbs use less energy than competing designs and do so with optimum energy saving efficiency. These LEDs are so durable, they can last for years or even decades, depending on how you use them.

Choose the Right Mount for your LED Light Bars

To keep your LED Off-Roading light bars in working order, you need the right equipment, and that includes making sure every piece of your LED light bar system is compatible with the vehicle and that it will meet your needs, wants, and expectations. If you are wanting to have your LED lights as a permanent fixture on your vehicle, we have the perfect mount for whatever light bar system you’re interested in.

For mounting options, we have grill mounts which can also be placed on your bumper or windshield. If that is still too obvious for your vehicle, you can also get LED lights mounted on the running boards, provided your vehicle has them. Because of how they are mounted on the running boards when the LED lights are not in use, they are all but invisible. Conversely, if you don’t want your light system to be in place all the time, we have magnetic mounts that allow you to put your LED light system on your vehicle roof as you are headed to respond to a call.

We also have LED lights that use suction cups to attach to the windshield or dashboard. These can be removed with ease, thus making the light bar a temporary fixture in your vehicle. Both the magnetic LED light and the suction cup LED light bar are easy to use because they plug into the cigarette lighter.

Make Sure Your Colors are Legal

When selecting a specific light bar, it would be best to consider what exactly you would like your LED light system to do for you, including what color you would like your LED lights to be. Much of the time, EMTs and on-call volunteer firefighters using a courtesy light will use either white or amber colored bulbs. Keep in mind, however, that each of the individual towns and cities will have different laws governing volunteer first responder’s usage of LED courtesy lights limiting the color selection to a specific set of colors and settings.

In most states, EMTs use green colored lights to designate their position and intention while some other states have regulated blue as the color of choice for EMTs LED courtesy lights. For firefighters who are on call, they are usually limited to red or blue LED courtesy lights. It is important to note that it is illegal nationwide for on-call volunteer firefighters or EMTs to use a siren with their LED courtesy light bars, which is typically reserved only for professional emergency vehicles.

Investing in the Best LED Light Products

Budget is important to consider when selecting your LED light bar system. There are plenty of choices to be made, some more cost-conscious than others. Many of the features and styles of LED light bars are too expensive for volunteer first responders who are almost NEVER paid enough for their time and risk involved in their jobs.

Here at LED Equipped, there are many options of high-quality LED lights available that won’t break the bank.

Bear in mind that LED lights are long term investments into your vehicle and your crucial life-saving work as a first responder. This is because LED light bars are designed to last for a long time, often for years if not decades. Investing a little more in your LED light bar kit can, due to their extended life, add exceptional value to your investment.

LED Equipped Has the Perfect LED Light Bars for Your Needs

If you are looking to install LED courtesy lights to your personal vehicle to ensure your next commute to your emergency call is safe, quick and legal, LED Equipped can help you find whatever lighting will help you make a money conscious and long lasting decision while also getting you top quality LED light bars for your vehicle.

From permanently fixed running board and grill LED lights to temporary dash and beacon LEDs lights, LED Equipped has whatever equipment, hardware and kits you might need to make your LED light bar system perfect for you. Included with every purchase is a three-year warranty guaranteed to cover any and every piece of LED equipment, mount, wiring and technology you purchase from us here at LED Equipped.

Our number one goal is to offer LED light bars and accessories with the highest level of quality control and the best performance possible all for competitive prices. Assisting police, fire, first responders and more across the country, we at LED Equipped strive to assist not just professional and volunteer first responders, we also help industrial professionals. Towing companies and construction firms, we have LED lights that fit your needs as well.

Regardless of your needs, be it professional or volunteer first responder, a towing or construction company or even just the run of the mill off-roading enthusiast, our team here at LED Equipped can help you find whatever LED light bars or equipment and assistance you may need as you make your selections. Our website has lots of information regarding our stock as well as answers to questions you may have about your LED light bars, accessories, as well as general questions about our company and our wide array of LED light bars and related products.

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