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LED lights for EMTs and on-call firefighters

Courtesy Lights for EMTs & On-Call Firefighters

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and on-call firefighters rely on courtesy lights to make the drive to the local fire station or ambulance base faster, safer and easier.

If you are an EMT or volunteer firefighter, you know that you may be needed at any time – and getting to your destination safely and quickly is of the utmost importance. By displaying courtesy lights on your private vehicle, you can ensure that happens. As you drive, other motorists will move aside and allow you to get through the traffic without delay.

Before you begin shopping for courtesy lights, however, there are a few factors you need to consider. Here, the lighting specialists at LED Equipped explain how to find a solution that serves your needs.

Look into the Local Laws

Using courtesy lights does not automatically give your car the same status as an emergency response vehicle. Though rules and regulations vary greatly, most states and localities do not allow EMTs and on-call firefighters to speed through traffic lights and disobey driving laws.

Your city or state may also restrict which types of courtesy lights can be displayed on personal vehicles. Certain colors and flash patterns may not be acceptable in your area, either, and EMT’s and volunteer firefighters may need to carry identification to prove their position as emergency personal.

In addition, though it may seem surprising, other drivers may not have to yield to vehicles with courtesy lights – the laws in many areas do not require motorists to pull over. That is how the lights get their name, as it is considered a courtesy for others to move aside.

When not used in accordance with local laws, courtesy lights can be a hazard. The last thing you need is to be involved in a car crash when you are heading to the fire station or ambulance base – and that could happen if you are not informed. So, make sure you do your homework before you purchase and use any onboard lighting.

Look for LED Lighting Solutions

For EMTs and on-call firefighters, LED lights offer several advantages over the alternatives.

First of all, LEDs produce clear, bright light that can be seen in all conditions – and the same cannot be said of other types of bulbs. Since visibility is crucial for vehicles with courtesy lights, LED lights are a superior choice.

And not only are LED lights brighter and more powerful than other bulbs, they are also more reliable. LEDs provide instant illumination, without any warm-up time, and they are highly resistant to temperature wear and damage.

Furthermore, LED courtesy lights offer optimal energy-efficiency, as they require only a small amount of power to create a large amount of light. By choosing LEDs, EMTs and volunteer firefighters can save on their car batteries and alternators. And, energy-efficient lighting has an impressive lifespan – LED lights last for several years.

Look at Your Mounting Options

Now that you see why LED courtesy lights are your best bet, you are ready to start shopping. But in order to make a choice, you must first consider how you will mount your onboard lighting.

If you want LED lights that are on-call like you – in other words, lights that only come out when necessary – you can choose a beacon light or a dash light. Both draw power from a standard cigarette lighter outlet, but the former uses magnets to stay in place on a car rooftop, while the latter has suction cups that attach to the dashboard or windshield.

For a more permanent onboard LED lighting solution, you could go with grill lights. Mounted on your car’s grill – the usual placement – or on the bumper or windshield, grill lights are slim and have a low profile. When not in use, they are nearly invisible.

Running board lights are another permanent lighting solution. Not all EMTs and on-call firefighters have vehicles equipped with running boards, but if your car has the feature, mounting LED running board lights can be a sensible move. And as with grill lights, the LEDs will not draw attention unless they are in use.

Look for the Color You Need

Some EMTs and on-call firefighters default to white or amber courtesy lights, and these colors can be suitable in many cases.

However, in some cities, counties and other areas, different classifications of emergency personnel vehicles are required to use specific colors of LED lights. Using the designated color for your position may or may not be legally required, based on local statutes, but it will help communicate your role and better ensure your safety on the road.

As a general rule, EMTs in most states use green courtesy lights on their vehicles, though a few states have designated blue as the color for EMTs. As for volunteer firefighters, their LED lights are typically either blue or red.

And, by the way, it is worth noting that using a siren in conjunction with courtesy lights is illegal for EMTs and on-call firefighters in nearly every state. This privilege is typically reserved for authorized emergency vehicles, like police cars, fire trucks and ambulances.

Look at Your Budget

Without question, some LED lighting solutions are more affordable than others. The upfront cost for certain styles and features can put them out of reach for EMTs and volunteer firefighters – many of whom do not receive adequate compensation for their services.

Fortunately, many inexpensive options are available, and it is not difficult to find high-quality courtesy lights that come at an affordable cost. Here at LED Equipped, we offer a range of affordable models that can serve your purposes.

Keep in mind, however, that LED lights are a long-term investment. Unlike other lighting options, LEDs are designed to last. So, although some courtesy lights have higher price tags, their longevity creates added value. You will not need to purchase new lighting for quite a few years, so buying a more expensive model in order to get exactly what you need can be a practical decision.

Look No Further than LED Equipped

When you are in need of courtesy lights for your personal vehicle, choosing high-quality LED lighting solutions designed to stand the test of time is in your best interest – and you can find everything you need right here at LED Equipped.

We offer a vast selection of beacon lights, dash lights, grill lights, running board lights from the top brands and manufacturers. And when you make a purchase from LED Equipped, you can count on getting a top-notch lighting solution. Every product we sell comes with a 3-year guarantee, and we aim to ensure our LED lights offer superior quality and optimal performance.

LED Equipped is a preferred lighting supplier for police departments, fire departments, towing services and construction companies across the country. Our LED lights provide groundbreaking technological features that stand far above those of our competitors, and we have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team available for support and service.

And, if you need assistance selecting the right LED lights to meet your needs, the LED Equipped team is standing by. We know all of the available styles, options and features make choosing courtesy lights a challenge, and our friendly associates are more than happy to help out.

With all that LED Equipped has to offer, choosing us as your lighting supplier simply makes sense. Visit our website to browse our wide range of high-quality, affordable LED lights, or pick up the phone and give us a call – either way, you will find the best courtesy lights for EMTs and on-call firefighters.

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