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LED light bars for vehicles

Courtesy Vehicle LED Lights for Volunteer Emergency First Responders

Emergency first responders put their lives on the line to assist their fellow citizens in their communities, towns and neighborhoods. Some of the most notable are the volunteers who risk their lives to help others on their own time.

Volunteer firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are some of the bravest among the first responders. When these folks need to get to the site of an emergency quickly, emergency lights are an important accessory to have, whether they drive a personal vehicle on which they have installed LED light bars, or if their vehicle is part of a fleet associated with their organization.

Whatever your needs may be, LED Equipped can help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle’s LED lighting.

LED Vehicle Lights Provide Critical Assistance for First Responders

While these brave individuals work hard to help save lives, volunteers donate their time and often use their own funds in the quest to help save lives, because they are passionate about helping people in their communities. These volunteers face not only professional risks on call, but also hindrances and obstacles in their work for the community, including logistical difficulties.

Most municipalities and even state governments have statues and limitations governing volunteer emergency first responders’ usage of emergency lighting. However, there are certain setups and LED light bars that volunteers can use to achieve some minor level of priority on the road while still following the law.

LED Equipped can help you find the right bar for you. Continue reading to get more information about us and our inventory of durable and affordable emergency vehicle LED light bars.

Volunteers Don’t Drive with Emergency Lights – You Need “Courtesy LED Lights”

When you are awakened by an emergeny call, you must rise and rush to the scene of the emergency. You, along with your fellow first responders, are rushing to help because you might be heading to save someone’s life. As you climb in your own personal car fully equipped with LED light bars, you flip the switch and speed off to your destination.

As you pull out of your neighborhood, local law enforcement officers may be headed the same direction, to the same emergency. If your emergency lights aren’t in compliance with governing ordinances, you risk being pulled over, potentially causing inconvenience for you and the offers and the risk of lives at the emergency scene.

The lesson here is that the last thing you want to do is get pulled over by a police officer because you have the wrong colored lights or beam pattern. This is an easily avoidable challenge if you research the statutes about courtesy lights in your area. Contact the local authorities before buying your vehicle lights, to ensure you aren’t breaking any laws about what volunteer first responders can and cannot have on their vehicles on their way to an emergency. It’s also critical to understand how you can and cannot behave in traffic.

Emergency vehicle lighting do not typically grant volunteers an automatic right of way, but they do signify to the surrounding commuters that you are formally REQUESTING the right of way, because you are responding to an emergency situation. Your fellow drivers do not have to grant you right of way and can instead remain within the normal traffic flow.

The bottom line is that, before installing LED courtesy lights on your personal vehicle, make sure to check with all governing authorities to make sure you are following all laws.

Options for Your Courtesy LED Light Bar System

Now that we have addressed your potential obligations for using courtesy lights, it is time to consider what types of LED lighting options are available to you. From beacon to dash lights, from running board to grille lights, LED Equipped has whatever you might be looking for.

For a temporary LED lighting solution that will leave your vehicle unchanged, an LED beacon or dash light might be the best choice for your vehicle. A dash light is exactly as it sounds: an LED light that is mounted via suction cups on either the dash itself or on the front windshield. Beacon lights are typically magnetic. You attach them to your vehicle by placing them on the roof of the car. Both units are powered by a cigarette lighter adapter instead of being wired directly into the vehicles electrical system, thus making the LED lights temporary fixtures in your vehicle.

Other possible courtesy lighting solutions are a bit more permanent when installed in your car, SUV or truck.

Both grille lights and the running board lights are invisible when not in use. This design makes it so the product appears to simply be built-in components of the car. Both product styles are installed exactly where it sounds like they would be: on the running boards and grille, respectively. There are a couple subtle differences with these two, however.

For example, running board lights are mounted directly on the vehicle’s running boards themselves. The grille lights, just like the running board lights, are installed directly into the grille itself. However, unlike the running board LED light bars, grille light bars can also be installed on the dashboard or directly on the bumper of the vehicle. Both lights, when installed in their respective locations, are essentially invisible to the eye, blending in with the other parts of the vehicle. Both running board lights and grille lights are wired directly into the vehicle’s electrical system. It is also possible to purchase systems that, when lights exist in several places on the vehicle, work in cooperation with one another, making the lights perfectly synchronized.

Specs & Features that Make LED Light Bars Worth the Investment

No matter where you install them (beacon, dash, grille or running board), LED lights are the most popular option for all types of emergency responders – volunteer or otherwise.

The visibility created by these products far surpasses competing lamps on the market. No matter the time of day, light or dark, sunny or overcast, sunup or sundown, LED light bars cast light that will be noticed and heeded by other commuters. Almost as impressive as the visibility is the durability of these products. These products are designed with solid-state technology, so that they are all one solid piece as opposed to a combination of moving parts.

These light products can withstand off-roading to an emergency site, endure through hot or cold temperatures and even all sort of precipitation levels. Being water-, cold- and dust-resistant makes LED light bars an amazing investment that can last for many years, several times longer than competing lights on the market today.

In addition to being amazingly durable and creating astounding visibility, LED courtesy lights draw little power from your vehicle’s battery while also producing clear, visible light. And, unlike other lamps that require several minutes to power or warm up, LED light bars produce clear and bright illuminating light immediately when you turn them on.

Accessories Needed for Courtesy LED Light Installation

In addition to the lights themselves, you will also need the necessary equipment and hardware to install and attach your new courtesy light system to your vehicle.

Many of our kits come with the mount and wiring included, making it that much easier to install your LED light bar system. However, some customers prefer to design their own LED lighting system in its entirety, including the hardware and wiring for mounting.

LED Equipped can also fabricate custom pieces and accessories to meet you specific and unique needs.

It is important to consider your budget when purchasing an LED lighting system. However, before you decide, consider the long-term investment you will be making into your vehicle. With the long life provided by LED lights, as well as their substantial durability, your investment can last for years or even a decade or more, as long as you care for them properly.

Making the right decision for your LED light bar system is important for ensuring you get to your emergency as quickly and as easily as possible without breaking the law. Here at LED Equipped, we help emergency first responders from across the country in selecting LED lighting systems for individual vehicles as well as department fleets. We are so serious about what we do here and believe in our products so much, we even provide a 3-year warranty on every piece of equipment and hardware we sell.

Contact us today to get any help you may need and ask any questions you might have about selecting and installing courtesy vehicle LED lights for you.

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