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LED emergency truck lights

Emergency Truck Lights for Utility & Service Technicians

If you are a utility worker or service technician, you need bright, reliable emergency truck lights to illuminate your work location, but also to stay safe both on the road and on the job.

Equipping your vehicle with emergency lighting serves to alert motorists and pedestrians of potential hazards, warning everyone to steer clear. Whether you are working at the roadside or driving down the highway, your truck must be visible to the traveling public to ensure your safety – and, in your line of work, safety is the number one priority.

Plus, when jobs extend into the night, emergency truck lights serve to keep the work zone illuminated. Seeing is just as important as being seen, and lighting allows you to complete your tasks safely.

To call attention to your work vehicle and improve your on-the-job safety, you can choose from a range of lighting options. Below, the LED Equipped team offers a look at the types of emergency truck lights available and tips on making a smart investment.

Visual Effects of Emergency Lights for Work Vehicles

Emergency truck lights feature a few different effects, and many utility workers and service technicians outfit their vehicles with more than one to cover their needs on the road and at the work zone.

Rotating Lights

For work vehicles traveling to a job site, lighting needs to draw attention. Rotating or revolving emergency truck lights are well-suited for this purpose, but LED lighting that simulates the effect – rather than the older bulb-and-mirror design – is a better choice in terms of durability, visibility and cost-effectiveness.

Strobe Lights

When utility workers and service technicians need to alert others to stay away from a work zone, strobe lighting can be especially effective. These days, however, most utilities and service providers opt for LED lighting. These lights provide a similar flashing effect while offering multiple advantages over actual strobe lights.

Steady-Burning Lights

Safety and visibility at a work zone often requires a steady-burning light. And in some areas, displaying a bright light is a requirement, regardless of the time of day. LED lighting can provide a steady source of illumination. For this reason, LED technology is now becoming an increasingly popular option for utility workers and service technicians in virtually every industry.

Advantages of LED Emergency Truck Lights

What makes LED emergency lights such a smart choice for work vehicles? LEDs have the edge over traditional lighting options for a number of reasons, which include:

  • Brightness: LED lighting is much brighter than the illumination produced by most other types of bulbs. And, because LEDs create clear visibility, they can easily be seen from long distances. For maximum brightness and attention from the traveling public, LED emergency lights are hard to beat.
  • Durability: LEDs are incredibly resistant to damage from jostling and minor impacts, and they function quite well in cold temperatures. Their minimalistic design makes them more durable and rugged than other lighting options, so they require very little maintenance.
  • Reliability: For work vehicles, immediate lighting is essential – utility workers and service technicians do not have time to sit around waiting for their emergency truck lights to warm up. With LED lighting, this is never an issue, as LEDs turn on and off instantaneously.
  • Efficiency: LED emergency lights offer impressive energy savings, as they require very little power to operate. Because of their efficiency, LEDs put less of a drain on a vehicle’s battery. Utility and service trucks often have other power-hungry equipment, and LED lights free up energy for their use.
  • Lifespan: LEDs are made to last, with a general life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. When put to use for several hours a day, LED emergency truck lights can function for many years. With their extremely long lifespan, LEDs are a practical, cost-effective choice.

LED emergency truck lights are also environmentally friendly. LEDs are non-toxic, highly recyclable and produce very little waste. This, along with all of the other advantages, means LED lighting is likely to become the norm in the future.

Types of LED Emergency Truck Lights

LED lighting for work vehicles comes in several forms. Seeing and being seen can require the use of beacon lights, dash lights, grill lights, running board lights or light bars. And, in many cases, utility workers and service technicians need more than one type of lighting solution to get the job done.

Beacon Lights

Held in place with magnets, a beacon light sits on the rooftop of a work vehicle where it provides 360 degrees of visibility. Versatile and compact, beacons are easily stowable when not in use.

Dash Lights

For visibility and safety at the roadside as well as on the roadways, dash lights are an effective and economical solution. Attached to the windshield or dashboard with suction cups, these narrow lighting strips are easy to install and remove as needed.

Grill Lights

With their low profile and slim construction, grill lights are almost invisible when not in use. Mounted on a work vehicle’s grill, bumper or dashboard – or in more than one location on the front and back of a work truck – grill lights can provide optimal illumination in a variety of situations.

Running Board Lights

Many work vehicles have running boards, and the steps are a great location for mounting LED lighting. Running board lights are small, with ultra-flat frames that fit easily into the recessed grooves.

Light Bars

Featuring one or two rows of LED bulbs and coming lengths of four to 50 inches, LED light bars are both powerful and weatherproof. For utility workers and service technicians, light bars can be a practical choice. Based on the configuration you choose, lightbars can also be used to illuminate the front, rear or side areas around the vehicle for a brighter, safer working environment.

Smart Tips for Choosing LED Emergency Truck Lights

LED emergency lights are a sound investment and provide a long-lasting, cost-effective lighting solution. However, before you make the decision to buy any truck lights, consider these expert tips:

  • Check into your local and state laws regarding the use of emergency lights. Regulations vary from location to location, and your local statutes may not legally allow you to equip your work vehicle with certain types or colors of lighting.
  • Consider the size and configuration of your vehicle when choosing truck lights. The lighting you select needs to fit well, so take measurements to ensure your emergency lights are appropriately sized.
  • Verify the type of mounting hardware you need for any products you select, to be sure that the installation method you select will work for your vehicle. Most options install simply, without damaging the vehicle or interfering with existing wiring. You also have options for alternative mounting types, in most cases.
  • Look for high-quality LED lighting products. Some cheaper models work quite well. However, it is critical that you do your research or you may not get truck lights that really suit your needs. And remember – LEDs last for many years, so spending a little more to get certain features can make for a smarter investment.
  • Choose a lighting supplier willing to stand behind their products. LED truck lights are designed for longevity and durability, but make sure your purchase is accompanied by a warranty – just in case.
  • If you are having trouble choosing the LED emergency truck lights to meet your needs, speak with an expert. Some lighting suppliers, including LED Equipped, have specialists standing by who can answer your questions and offer sensible advice.

LED Equipped, a preferred lighting supplier for utility workers and service technicians around the country, offers a large selection of high-quality LED lighting solutions for work vehicles. Our emergency lights feature cutting-edge technologies, durable construction and first-rate performance. And, when you shop with the friendly, knowledgeable LED Equipped team, your truck lights will come with a 3-year warranty.

If you are ready to outfit your work vehicle with LED lights, the experienced associates at LED Equipped can help you explore your lighting options and assist you in choosing practical, cost-effective products. Our team understands the unique needs of utility workers and service technicians, and we are always more than happy to share our expertise and provide the information you need to make an informed buying choice.

Browse our vast range of LED lighting solutions, and reach out if you have questions or need advice. With LED Equipped, you can count on both high-quality products and unparalleled customer service – and we look forward to making your work safer with the right LED emergency truck lights.

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