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Full Light Bars Vs. Visor Light Bars

Full Light Bars Vs. Visor Light Bars

If you’re the operator of an emergency vehicle that requires lights and gear, it’s most likely that you’ll require a full LED emergency light bar package. This includes lights for the top of the car or truck, the kind you’re familiar with seeing atop police and fire vehicles everywhere.

At LedEquipped, however, we stock a wide variety of lights that might be right for certain other situations. One such option is our visor light bar, which goes on the inside of the vehicle and is a more discreet option for identifying yourself as an emergency vehicle. Let’s compare full light bars with visor emergency lights, and see which might be right for you.

Full Light Bars (Or Both Bars)

In many situations, the use of both rooftop and visor lights is the best choice for your vehicle. If you want your car or truck to always be visible as an emergency vehicle, such as a branded police car, it likely makes sense to at least use the full light bar on top of the car – this is the most common sign people associate with marked law enforcement.

Visor Emergency Lights

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more discreet presentation, visor lights might be preferable. Many police agencies use undercover vehicles for a variety of purposes, but these vehicles still need an option available to identify themselves if necessary.

In these cases, you can choose small light bars that can be hidden away – they allow you to remain unmarked and inconspicuous when you need to, but can be quickly pulled out if emergency services are needed.

Other Important Details

Once you’ve determined what kind of lights are needed, it’s all about evaluating the options available. Consider things like size, color and features. For a police car, for instance, you’ll want red, blue and white flashing lights on your visor. A construction vehicle, on the other hand, might need orange or amber flashing lights for construction zones.

For more on picking the right kind of lights, or to purchase visor light bars online, speak to the pros at LedEquipped today.

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