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How Many LED Emergency Lights Does Your Vehicle Need?

Installing LED emergency lights on your vehicle allows you to move through traffic more quickly. Lighting attracts the attention of other drivers, letting them know that you need the right of way – and most motorists pull to the side of the road upon seeing emergency vehicle lights, even if the local laws do not require them to do so.

If you are an emergency medical technician (EMT), volunteer firefighter or first responder, equipping your personal vehicle with LED lights can be a smart decision. But how many do you need? Is more onboard lighting better, or should you take a minimalist approach?

For the most part, the choice is yours. However, before you make any decisions on LED emergency lights, give the matter careful thought. Here, the lighting specialists at LED Equipped explain what you need to take into consideration.

State and Local Laws on Emergency Vehicle Lights

Regulations on the use of emergency lights on personal vehicles vary, and your city or state may have a number of rules. The color, flash pattern and brightness of the lighting you install may be restricted, and the laws may also limit the placement of your LED emergency lights.

Before you install any onboard lighting, check with your local law enforcement agency to learn the regulations in your area. You can find online guides that provide this information, but many are not current or accurate. Instead of trusting what you see on the internet, pick up the phone and call a local authority.

Deciding How Many LED Emergency Lights to Install

Though state and local laws may specify the number of emergency vehicle lights you can use, it is equally likely that you will have the freedom to choose.

Some EMTs, volunteer firefighters and first responders prefer to equip their personal vehicles with a large amount of LED lighting. In their eyes, the more emergency lights there are, the better – that way, other drivers will definitely see them coming.

Others have the opposite view, preferring to use only a single LED beacon light when responding to an emergency situation. This can be a simple solution, but is it enough to motivate motorists to move aside?

If the laws in your area do not stipulate how many LED emergency lights you can install on a personal vehicle, the best approach might be between the two extremes. Go for more than just a single light, but do not equip so much LED lighting that you blind everyone else out on the road.

Using LED Emergency Lights on a Personal Vehicle

After installing LED lighting, you may be tempted to turn it on anytime you are out on the road. However, doing so could land you in trouble with the law.

LED emergency lights are intended for use during emergency situations. So if you are needed at work, or if you are called to the scene of an accident, fire or major incident, you can use your onboard lighting to alert motorists and gain the right of way.

If you use your LED lights when you are not responding to a work-related emergency, you may be subject to a fine. Driving on your own property or off-road with the lighting switched on should be acceptable, but keep it off during your in-city travels.

Mounting Options for LED Emergency Vehicle Lights

As you consider how many LED emergency lights to install, you also need to think about how you will mount them on your vehicle.

If you do not want to permanently alter your personal vehicle, you could opt for one of the following:

  • LED Beacon Lights: A classic choice, beacon lights attach to a vehicle’s roof with magnets. The latest models offer optimal brightness and several flashing effects to help convey a sense of emergency.
  • LED Dash Lights: This lighting solution features a row of LEDs up to 38 inches in length and uses suction cups to stay in place. With numerous pre-set flash patterns and powerful illumination, dash lights easily attract attention

As for emergency vehicle lights with permanent mounts, you have a few options. EMTs, first responders and firefighters can choose from these onboard LED lighting solutions:

  • LED Grill Lights: Mounted on your vehicle’s grill or bumper, grill lights feature multiple colors and flash patterns. When not in use, the ultra-bright LEDs are barely visible.
  • LED Visor Light Bars: Installed at the top of your windshield, an LED visor light bar offers intense brightness and a range of attention-grabbing visual effects. With sleek, slim housing, a light bar is a discreet solution.
  • LED Running Board Lights: Attached to the long, narrow steps at the sides of a vehicle, these LED lights offer super bright illumination and variable lighting patterns. They command attention, but pretty much disappear when switched off.

You can also decide to equip your personal vehicle with more than one type of emergency lights. Many LED lighting solutions can be synchronized to function in unison, and the effect can help ensure other drivers take notice of your vehicle.

Choosing LED Emergency Lights for Your Personal Vehicle

Clearly, emergency vehicle lights are not one-size-fits-all. You are in control of how many and what type you install – but, how do you make these decisions? For an easier time, take the following into account:

  • Find out the laws on emergency light use in your area first, as you may need to avoid certain lighting options to comply with the regulations.
  • Take measurements of your vehicle before you begin shopping for LED emergency lights to ensure the products you select are an appropriate size.
  • Make sure the mounting hardware included will work with your vehicle. Most LED lights have alternate mount options, but it is a good idea to check ahead of time.
  • Look for high-quality LED lighting. The latest high-tech products are a smart investment, as they boast superior performance and low power consumption.
  • Only purchase LED lights that come with warranty coverage. LEDs are incredibly durable and rarely fail, but any sold without a guarantee are likely not worth the cost.

If you cannot decide which emergency vehicle lights will best meet your needs, turn to the lighting specialists at LED Equipped. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is happy to answer questions and provide expert advice, as we want you to be happy with your purchase.

Trust LED Equipped for Your Emergency Vehicle Lights

LED Equipped has accreditation and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also Shopper Approved – and we are quite proud of having nearly 800 customer reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars. All of this means with LED Equipped, you can shop with complete confidence.

At LED Equipped, we offer a wide selection of affordable, high-quality LED lighting solutions, each of which features durable construction, groundbreaking technologies and exceptional performance. And, though we know our products are the best on the market, we offer a 3-year warranty on all of our LED emergency lights.

As a leading provider of emergency vehicle lights for ambulance fleets, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and first responders across the country, LED Equipped is committed to providing stellar customer service. Browse our online catalog today, and contact our lighting specialists if you have questions or need assistance – we look forward to supplying you with durable, long-lasting, high-quality LED emergency lights for your personal vehicle.

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