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LED Light Options for Roadside Workers

LED Light Options for Roadside Workers

At LedEquipped, we’re proud to provide LED emergency and warning lights for emergency responders and police departments everywhere. These aren’t our only clients, though – we’re also proud of the LED warning lights and other products we can provide for roadside assistance technicians and others who require lights to identify themselves.

If you work in roadside maintenance or assistance, you’ll know how fast cars can speed by you, especially on the freeway. You may even wonder if they see you at all during the darker periods. With that in mind, here are a few great light options for people who work these jobs.

Full Light Bars

Full size light bars are great for all trucks, with a couple different size and dual color options available. There are generally multiple mounting options, including permanent options if needed. These options are great for putting on top of the vehicle, and they then provide a 360-degree range of visibility for your lights. These are the primary option for roadside workers.

Bar and Stick Lights

These are options that can be used both inside and outside a given roadside vehicle. Bar and stick lights are perfect for small and dark places – think of tiny side windows, for instance. For bigger areas with larger amounts of space, other stick bars can provide high amounts of light from a small source. These are a great way to put lights at both the front and back of your vehicle, to make sure both sides are covered.

Mini Light Bars

Mini LED light bars fit on any vehicle, with single and dual color options available. These are perfect temporary magnetic options for vehicles that don’t want to cover themselves in lights, but still want enough brightness for good visibility.

For more on LED lights for roadside workers, or to learn about any of our LED warning lights, speak to the pros at LedEquipped today.

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