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LED light bars for law enforcement

LED Police Car Light Options

When you are forced to intervene in illegal or suspect activity and you need clear, bright light to notify drivers passing by that you, and any other law enforcement professionals and persons of interest located at the scene, are currently on the side of the road and are in a hazardous situation.

For decades, LED Equipped has helped help outfit countless departments across the nation with all sort of LED light bar systems for their police vehicles, squad cars, tactical vehicles, SUVs, or any other sort of vehicle your force might need to LED police lights for.

We help departments and law enforcement personnel at the local, state, and national level in countless regions across the country. These departments choose us because of our amazingly bright and long-lasting LED light bars. Our products are known for being affordable and easy to install in your vehicles, while also providing the level of durability and reliability that makes an investment such as these LED light bars worth the expense. We know you will be impressed by the many kinds of LED lights we carry for emergency first responders, and we know you’ll soon see why our LED lights are the best choice for durability, reliability, simplicity, efficiency and luminosity.

The Benefits of LED Lighting for Police Vehicles

When compared to the rest of the products on the market, the LED lighting systems are leaps and bounds ahead of the others.

LED lights are durable and tough while also ensuring that you and your fellow law enforcement officers are safe and secure, making sure that passers-by are aware of your emergency situation. The durability and long-lasting lifespan are because of the LED light bars simple yet innovative design.

Designed with a set of parts and inner workings that do not move at all to operate the product and give off bright clear light, these LED light bars are what is known as a piece of solid-state technology. To better explain: there is very little wear and tear on the product during operation because no part is actually moving within the housing to create the light given off by the product. Simply give the product power, and the light emitting diode inside gives off light without creating unnecessary wear and tear on the inner electronic components to the LED light bar. This simply innovative and amazing design cuts down on wear and tear on the product and means that the power used by the LED light bars are significantly less than the other bulbs on the market.

In addition, LED light bars draw very little power as compared to other lighting systems. Because of the simple and ingenious design of the LED light bars, these easy to use and bright lights are also water, cold and dust resistant making them ideal for shipping, maritime and low temperature cities where other bulbs might have trouble being of any use because of the cold or any sort of service or technician service vehicle or facility.

Comparing Law Enforcement Vehicle Lighting Options

When comparing the features of one style of bulb to the next, it is important to remember that with some kinds of bulbs, such as halogen or xenon, these bulbs don’t have a very long lifespan: generally somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 hours depending on the material used. These products are also not able to be immediately used when first turned on, meaning they take several minutes to warm up before you have bright, usable light to keep you and your fellow officers safe. With LED light bars, this is not the case.

As soon as your turn on your LED light bar, instant bright light for you and your fellow law enforcement professionals to keep yourself and anyone you are assisting or investigating safe from traffic. And as for life span, an LED light bar can last for as much as 30,000 hours when properly taken care of.

Police Car LED Lighting Provides Superior Value

Investing in your LED light bar system might seem expensive, but when you factor in longevity of the product, you are saving so much money of the entire life of each squad car or law enforcement vehicle. Contact us here at LED Equipped to get any assistance you might need or ask any questions you might have. Our staff can assist with any issues you might need resolved.

When you consider what you are looking for when it comes to your LED light bars, the exact features are important to consider: from bar shape and light pattern to the actual size of the bar itself and the number of rows of LED light bulbs, the exact effect or level of illumination you are trying to achieve is important to know when you choose an LED light bar system. Continue reading on to learn more about the exact features of the LED lights to better understand your needs and make the right, informed choice for your LED lighting bar system.

The most basic choice you will have to make is the type of light beam pattern that you feel will work best for your specific police vehicle(s) needs. The most common patterns are spot beam, flood beam, combination beam or multi-beam pattern. The flood beam gives off a total washing light that gives clear light to the immediate area while a spot pattern, on the other hand, emits a bright, concentrated light in a specific, more narrow area that is slightly further away with greater ease and clearer focus for the light. The multi-beam and combination beam patterns are like one another in that a single unit can produce both kinds of beam patterns, flood or spot. However, there is one key difference: multi-beam pattern allows you to toggle between the two and select which light is right for this specific instance, and a combination beam pattern has both lights running simultaneously, giving you bright clear light that “floods” the entire immediate area while the LED light bar also emits a more concentrated beam to light a specific “spot” a bit away from the LED light bar itself.

Another feature to consider is the number of rows of LED light bulbs in your LED light bar. This, along with the size of the bar itself, will determine just how much light, or how many lumens, your LED light bar will give off. Ranging in size few as four to as many as 50 inches and with either a single or double row of LED light bulbs, larger the bar, and thus the more bulbs either by a longer bar or a second row, that many more lumens will the LED light bar produce. This is only important for you to consider in relation to your needs. The more light you need, the more bulbs and bigger you should make your bar.

You can even customize the shape of your LED light bar, though the difference is mostly aesthetic. The best piece of advice here is to consider which bar would look better on each specific vehicle. This is mostly about preference, but we can give specific advice and pointers on how most of our customers choose their LED light bars.

When you select your LED light bar that you would like for your vehicle or even potentially your fleet of vehicles, it is important to consider how you will install and attach these lights to each vehicle. Fortunately, LED Equipped has all the answers and real-world solutions you ned.

Some of our LED light bar kits come with mounts and wiring already included in the kit. However, some customers prefer to set up their LED light bar system completely customized to ever need and detail they would like. We can help with this too. With countless mounts and wiring solutions available, you can completely change every piece of equipment you may need for your LED light bar system, making the entire system completely customizable to your satisfaction. And, if you get your system set up, and you don’t like the way it works or anything isn’t to your satisfaction or even if you find something is broken, never fear.

LED Equipped has the knowledge and experience to assist police departments and other emergency first responders with all of their LED light bar needs Contact us for help today or check out our website for our stock/inventory and for more information about all of our LED light bars as well as police vehicle sirens and speakers.

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