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Variables in Choosing an Emergency LED Light Partner

For anyone who utilizes emergency light bars and other related items on a regular basis, whether for law enforcement, first responder or any other needs, having a quality partner from whom to purchase these items is vital. Not all emergency lights and sirens are created equal, and you want to work with pros who not only stock the highest-quality items, but who can also provide basic expertise on them and how they’re used.

At LED Equipped, we’re proud to serve as the top provider of emergency LED light bars, emergency vehicle and police sirens, and numerous other high-quality such items to assist first responders, law enforcement and a variety of other clients. We’re also happy to see our services compared to other outfitters — both because we want all clients to get the very best for their needs in this area, but also because we’re supremely confident that our high-quality products and long-time services position us to be the best provider of all these materials. When you’re evaluating your options for a partner in the emergency light or siren realm, what are some of the top factors to keep in mind? Here are several.

Item Cost

Naturally, the cost of the items you’re purchasing will be a large factor. But it’s not as easy as saying that the cheapest emergency light bars you find are what you should patronize. Many lower-priced providers sell extremely low-quality items with poor design and construction, which is a false economy if ever there was one — and can end up costing your agency far more in terms of breakdowns, repairs and lost time.

The best bet is to transition from a lowest price-only view to a balance of cost and quality. For example, an emergency LED light bar that provides optimal wattage through its LED lamps may be more expensive than those with lower voltage bulbs, but if the former delivers greater output for years without requiring much in terms of maintenance or replacement, it will actually cost less in the long run. A partner that offers a good mix of low-cost and high-quality items is really what you should seek.

And if you notice prices that are shockingly low from a given provider, this absolutely could be too good to be true. While we wish it were not the case, there are some dishonest companies that simply pull product specs from the web and price their offerings to misleadingly indicate a great deal. Look for a partner with a proven track record of offering high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

Items in Stock

As a first responder, law enforcement agent or any other person who utilizes emergency light bars and other related items on a regular basis, you have a lot of specific needs. If even just one time your unit calls out for an LED light bar at the same moment that the only available provider doesn’t have any in stock, it’s a huge problem.

Instead, seek a partner that stocks its entire inventory and can meet all your needs with no delay. This is an excellent way to streamline the process and avoid wasting time.

Brightness and Loudness

As we noted above, not all products in this world are created equal. Two areas that set apart the best items in the emergency lighting and siren realm, for example, are brightness and loudness. As you’re looking around for a quality partner, what can you expect from an optimum item in these regards?

Emergency LED light bars offer full intensity (or close to it) on their highest setting, which means that they are extremely bright. You’ll get more than enough illumination in even the darkest of conditions.

Emergency sirens are loudest on their highest setting, so again, you’re looking for a provider that offers ample wattage here. The highest decibel level isn’t actually what’s most important, though — rather, it’s the quality of sound that does the trick. Our high-quality sirens come in both 100-watt and 200-watt versions, and while the former may offer a slightly lower decibel level, the latter is associated with superior sound quality.

Partner Reputation

One key area to look into as you’re evaluating your options is the partner’s reputation. Though they might be new to the field of emergency light bars and sirens, some stores are actually service providers who’ve already made a name for themselves in other arenas. If this is the case, it may be easy to determine their quality level simply by looking at other areas where they operate.

In many cases, though, it’s far preferable to deal with a company that specializes specifically in emergency light bars and sirens. These providers spend all their time in this one particular area, so they’re almost always more knowledgeable than those who work with a variety of products.

At LED Equipped, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve cultivated over the years as the industry leader in this area. Our team is made up of professionals who are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your LED light bars, sirens and other equipment.

Whether you’d simply like us to provide a straightforward price quote or want to put in an order for an entire fleet’s worth of items, we’re here to help. And when it comes to the quality of our goods, that’s a statement we take extremely seriously.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Speaking of price quotes, these should be easily attainable from any prospective partner for your LED lights — and they should be simple and straightforward. Our pricing is easily accessible on our website, and unit prices are clearly indicated for easy comparison.

As you’re choosing a provider to work with, make sure they don’t tack hidden fees onto the cost of their goods. Some companies will use these as a way to misleadingly “reduce” a price without actually reducing it at all. And if any provider you’re considering is secretive or unhelpful about this, that’s a definite red flag.

At LED Equipped, we’re extremely straightforward with our customers so they understand exactly how much each item costs and what the fees are for shipping. Request additional information if you need it, but don’t settle for anything less than very clear pricing information on every item you order.

Support and Expertise

Furthermore, you don’t want to work with an LED light or siren provider who will simply sell you products and then disappear — especially if you’re in the middle of an emergency situation. You want someone who’s there to answer questions and provide support, even after you’ve made your purchase.

LED Equipped offers not only the highest-quality LED products on the market today but also comprehensive customer service and technical expertise. We regularly answer questions and help our clients find the best-fit items for their needs.

Parts and Accessories

Finally, the world of emergency LED lights and sirens is one where various responders will require entirely different ranges of products. For example, if you work with fire and rescue teams on a regular basis, your wiring may need to be different than someone who works on ambulance services.

As such, it’s important that any prospective partner has a comprehensive range of products and parts available for purchase or customization. If they don’t, then they’re less likely to be able to help you with your unique requirements.

LED Equipped, on the other hand, was founded on the principle that we’d carry every possible product for emergency lights and sirens — and we’ve upheld this ideal ever since. We offer a range of products like strobe tubes, LED light bars, siren speakers and more — but also important accessories like bar mounts, brackets, setup kits, and even replacement parts for many of our products.

The LED light bars and sirens that we carry are industry-leading, but if you want to customize some of the items or put together your own setup kit, we can do that too. Contact us today to find out how!

For more on the variables to consider while selecting emergency LED lights, or to learn about any of our emergency LED light bars, sirens or other products, contact the pros at LED Equipped today.

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