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LED Beacon & Vehicle Strobe Lights

LED beacon lights provide 360-degree illumination for police, fire, and rescue vehicles, as well as for tow trucks, snowplows, and warehouse order pickers. We offer a range of beacons in a variety of styles and sizes, and a variety of strobe and wiring options.
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    Falcon-Eye LED Emergency Strobe LED Beacon Light

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    5 colors available

    Introducing the high-performance Falcon-Eye LED light bar, equipped with the latest microprocessor circuitry for efficient power consumption. Utili...

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    Only 11 left!

Iconic Warning Lights

Beacons are round, and either mid- or high-profile in height. They feature both rotating and flashing models, and are considered one of the oldest type of emergency vehicle warning lights available. Since its introduction in the ‘50s, the beacon is now known as one of the most iconic of all emergency warning lights.

Attention-Getting and Compact Warning Lights

A compact alternative to a full-size light bar,  LED Beacon & Strobe Lights are designed to grab attention, with colors, intensity, and flashing rate that strongly convey a sense of emergency. Look over our selection and you’ll see that no matter the type you’re looking for and the vehicle you’re outfitting, we have beacon lights for the specific job.
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