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Grille Lights & Surface Mount Vehicle Lights

LED car grille lights are becoming increasingly more popular. If you need to improve your vehicle's visibility at night and want a product that is affordable yet long-lasting, an LED light bracket is a perfect choice.

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Here at LED Equipped, we have a vast selection of grille lights and self-mounted off-road lights. You can select a singular license plate bracket or a six-pack of emergency lights from our array of LED light bar products. Whatever you are looking for, odds are, LED Equipped has the perfect truck off-road vehicle grill lights or fog lights for you.

Trust Our Surface Mounted Warning Lights

Perhaps the greatest advantage of grille lights is that they are cheap yet durable. Unlike old-fashioned light bulbs, these light bars do not have easy-to-break filaments. Ask any industry expert and they will tell you that LED lighting is the way to go. Why shop LED Equipped? Not only do we offer the best products on the market for lighting, our prices are unbeatable too. You can trust our quality car grill lights because they’ve been used to equip fleets of police, fire, and EMS vehicles.

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For a closer look at our wide variety of warning lights, simply click on the corresponding photograph. When you do, you will be transferred to a page with information regarding that particular set of lights. If you have further questions regarding our LED grill lights for trucks, don't hesitate to call our support staff. You can reach us at +1 800-846-3940.
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