LED Work Lights for Trucks, Truck Spotlights & Floodlights

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Find the perfect LED Work Lights or truck spotlight to get the job done fast. At LED Equipped, we offer a wide variety of high-quality flood lights, work light bars, and LED spotlights for improved visibility on the road.

LED Work Light and Spotlight Emergency Lights

Having a bright spotlight can be crucial in extreme circumstances. Always be prepared for any situation with our illuminating LED spotlights. These high intensity LEDS are great for off-road vehicles or those who work in law enforcement. Equipping your car with an LED work light can help you when you need it most – for the Winter months a snow plow needs ultra bright road lights to guarantee safety remains taken care of.

Improve your visibility in the dark with one of our high-power LED spotlights and work lights. These small yet powerful devices can be easily attached to an SUV, ATV, or even an interior roof.

LED Flood Lights

If you need to light up a large area within shorter distances, the LED flood light is the perfect lighting option for you. For vehicles that operate at night, the flood light helps to cast a larger area of illumination for increased visibility.

A LED work light bar can also be the perfect device for night work as well. These high-performance LED lighting systems are equipped with 3 watts for optimal power while also having a longer lifespan compared to Xenon and Halogen lighting.

For the most advanced LED flood lights, spotlights, and work lights in the industry, come and shop our wide range of vehicle lighting products today.