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Tow Truck Light Bar

Add one of our Tow Truck Led Light Bars to your truck or wrecker for increased safety and visibility while out and about. We offer a wide selection of tow truck amber light bars with 15 selectable flash patterns, ideal for public safety workers, construction workers, and tow truck operators.

Increased Safety and Visibility

When heading out to retrieve a stranded or disabled vehicle, our emergency light bars for tow trucks can help you do the job safely—especially if you’re doing it at night and on the side of a busy highway. Without proper illumination, an already challenging task can become even more hazardous. Knowing that you have a powerful, dependable LED light, however, will give you some peace of mind for the job ahead.

The LED lights we use emit a clear, crisp, and bright light, making them more visible than any other Tow Truck Led Light Bars you can find. They also use less power than halogen or incandescent bulbs, and offer durability, compatibility, and affordability.

Variety of Lengths and Features

We have bars in a variety of lengths from 15 to 60 inches. These have add-on options like traffic advisors, takedown/alley lighting, and Stop-Tail-Turn (STT) modules. Our bars also come with standardized clear lenses for stealth, as well as optic choices between TIR and linear styles.

Now with our new two-mode option, you can use two separate bars in one vehicle.

Browse through our catalog. And if you need help selecting the LED tow truck light bar that is best for your application, talk to one of our lighting specialists.


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