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Police light bars

A Buying Guide for Police Light Bars

LED police light bars are the gold standard for ensuring that squad cars and other law enforcement vehicles get noticed. LED lighting provides reliable and enduring visibility for all types emergency vehicles that local, county, state and federal law enforcement departments may use in the course of their operations.

Choosing the right police light bars, as well as sirens, warning lights and specialty products, helps ensure the safety of officers and other law enforcement personnel. Reliable, visible lighting also helps protect the safety of the public, especially motorists, pedestrians and other individuals that may be on the roadway or near the scene where officers are reporting.

To help you choose the right police light bars for your needs, the industry experts at LED Equipped have put together this informative buying guide.

Why Choose LED Police Light Bars?

All across the country, law enforcement agencies of all sizes and types are choosing LED emergency lighting for their vehicles. LED lighting requires very little power to operate, yet produces superior levels of visibility and durability. LEDs are highly energy efficient, which means less wear and tear on batteries, alternators, etc.

Law enforcement agencies also choose LED lighting because of its exceptional value. Their durability means replacing emergency lighting much less often, making them a wise investment that won’t tax already limited police budgets.

What Makes LED Police Light Bars So Durable?

LEDs do not contain traditional bulbs. Instead, they feature small silicon chips. When these chips are projected through a special type of lens, the result is bright, highly visible light. LEDs have no moving components or filaments, ensuring substantial durability under all sorts of harsh conditions. Their high level of resistance under dusty, cold, damp conditions reduces cracking and other challenges that are common in other products.

What Makes LED Light Bars So Highly Visible?

When police vehicles have a high level of visibility, everyone can stay safe. Unlike other types of emergency lighting, LED lights dramatically increase the visibility of law enforcement and emergency vehicles because of their high output and the color temperature of the light they generate.

Why Do LED Lights Require So Little Power?

Traditional light bulbs must draw electricity to heat a filament. This produces a glow known as incandescence. To produce bright, visible light, LEDs use a phenomenon called electroluminescence. In this process, LEDs directly convert electricity to light without having to generate heat.

Not only will a reduced power draw exert less wear on your vehicles’ electrical systems but it is also good for the environment. Squad car batteries and alternators will last longer with fewer unexpected breakdowns.

Types of LED Police Lights

Emergency LED Light Bars

Full-size police LED light bars provide high visibility up-close as well as for long distances. They also offer a wide range of illumination options to fit every possible scenario. Simple to install, wire and operate, you can choose from multiple configurations, sizes and designs. LED Equipped has a variety of options available for mounting and wiring, allowing you to get the results you seek at a price that makes good sense.

Mini LED Light Bars

Choose mini LED light bars for smaller police vehicles without sacrificing any illumination capacity. Mini bars use the same technology as full size bars but in a scaled-down format. You can choose bars that allow you to control front and rear display together or separately. You can also choose from a variety of light patterns and traffic advisory patterns. You can wire these fixtures to an existing switchbox or plug them into any compatible vehicle power outlet.

You can mount some models of mini LED light bars using magnets, eliminating the need to drill holes in the roof of the vehicle. If your vehicle must travel at a speed above 50 MPH, however, we recommend using a permanent mounting approach. Likewise, magnetic installations may not be appropriate in conditions that involve high wind speeds, rough or bumpy terrain, or similar types of scenarios.

Police Car Dash & Deck Lights

Choose from any of our emergency LED dash lights when you need small, less noticeable options. These lights may be the best choice for unmarked or undercover police cars, but many departments use them in their marked cruisers as well. Deck lights are designed with a linear configuration, with both single and double strip light options for 4-, 6- and 8-strip lights. LED dash lights can last for up to 100,000 hours in many cases. Mount deck and dash LEDs using suction cups and eliminate the need to make permanent modifications to the vehicle. For larger models, you may want to consider using a permanent mounting approach.

Police Visor Lights

LED visor light bars for police cars provide maximum flexibility in a small package. Flip the visor down for use and tuck it way when you’re done. These fixtures, with sleek, compact designs, can be installed in a way that makes them virtually invisible when not in use. Most of our visor LED lights include mounting clips and a power cord that plus into the car’s cigarette lighter power adapter. You can install these lights in just minutes. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to hard wire visor lights into the vehicle’s switchbox.

Buy Police Light Bars Online from LED Equipped

Before you purchase any LED police vehicle lights online or elsewhere, take the time to evaluate the supplier. The safety of your officers and community members should not be left to chance.

For decades, LED Equipped has been the go-to provider of police light bars as well as all types of emergency vehicle lighting. We work with private companies and governmental agencies across the US, including some of the most high profile police departments in the country. Our products are always of exceptional quality and our prices are some of the best you will find anywhere.

Whether you are in search of full-size LED light bars, mini LED bars, visor lights, dash and deck lights, mounting brackets, hardware or accessories, let us help you get the products you need today.

We also offer a variety of convenient and affordable police light bundle packages. We have discount LED light bundles for police cars, SUVs, department utility vehicles and any other type of emergency vehicle you may need to outfit. We also have discount bundles that come complete with police siren, compatible siren speaker, license plate bracket and traffic advisor.

All of our products are available for purchase online, but feel free to contact us directly at any time. We can answer your questions and provide the information you need to make the right selections for you. We also offer a variety of other LED lights for tow trucks, work trucks, off-road vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances and courtesy lights. We look forward to being your trusted provider for buying police light bars online.

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