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Mini LED light bar

Adding a Mini LED Light Bar to Your SxS or Off-Roading Vehicle

Adventuring outdoors is an amazing way to relax as well as to appreciate all that nature has to offer. Among all the outdoor adventure style sports, off roading is among the most popular.

Taking your vehicle off the road – whether it’s a UTV, ATV, SxS, jeep or truck – requires taking precautions to ensure your safety and that of your passengers. If you’re like most off-roading enthusiasts, you will likely pass over some amount rough terrain to get where you’re going and back again. Adding a mini LED light bar to your vehicle is a great way to ensure your safety and visibility, no matter what the terrain or weather conditions.

When it comes to buying LED lighting equipment online, trust the experts LED Equipped. From complete LED light bar kits to individual pieces of equipment perfect for customizing a completely unique and one-of-a-kind LED light bar system, we have the products you want at prices you can’t help but love. We take great pride in knowing that we have the products and the expertise to satisfy your every LED lighting need.

Read on to learn more about the mini LED light bar options and features we have available, as well as helpful information about how to wire and mount a mini LED light system to your off-road vehicle.

Why Choose LED Lights for Off-Roading?

Mini LED light bars and other LED lighting products are amazingly durable, thanks to their innovative design and quality manufacturing.

LED light bars use solid state technology. Simply put, these LED lights are manufactured in such a way that there are no moving parts or hardware inside the LED light bar. This significantly limits wear and tear on the internal components. Housings are designed to resist dust and moisture, and to stand up to temperature extremes.

This means that, regardless of whether they are on the bow of a research vessel on the frozen seas of the arctic circle, on the frame of a crane on a construction site in the constant rain in the pacific northwest, or being used in a dusty manufacturing environment, these lights will provide bright, clear light for several times longer than competing lamps on the market today. Other lamps may last for five thousand hours, as compared to LED light bars that can last for upwards of thirty thousand hours, all while remaining resistant to adverse conditions.

It is because of this durable design that full-size and mini LED light bars are favored by sporting enthusiasts and off-roading thrill seekers across our country.

Getting Help with Your Off-Road Mini LED Light Bar Needs

When selecting a mini LED light bar system, it is important to have a clear idea in your head of what you are looking for in an LED light system. Important features and factors to consider include placement of your LED light bar system, what kind of bar you would like, the size of the bar, what exactly you would like the bar to do when you turn it on and, finally, how exactly you would like your LED lighting system to be wired to and attached to your off roading vehicle.

Some of these determinations can affect others. In other words, when you select some features, it may limit what you can and can’t do in terms of other features. We have ways around this, however, and if you have specific questions feel free to contact us. We can answer your questions and provide a more in-depth explanation of the features and specifications of any of our LED light bars, accessories and installation options.

Identifying Mini LED Light Bar Mounting Locations

Before making any other decisions, it is important to determine where on your vehicle you would like your mini LED light bar to be located. This determination will affect the size and shape that your light bar must be, among other features and specs.

There are several options in terms of location for your off roading LED light bars. We have standard-type bars that can be mounted to the roof of your vehicle, such as those you might see atop an SUV or a truck. If you choose one of these options, you will have few limitations as far as the size and shape you select. In most cases, this is determined by your personal preference and aesthetic choices.

If you are looking for something that is less high-profile, we have off-road LEDs that can be mounted to the grill of your vehicle, running board and rocker panel LEDs, LED beacon lights, spotlights and even visor LEDs.

Choosing the Size & Shape of Mini LED Light Bars

When deciding on shape and size of your mini LED light bar, it is important to measure (twice!), so you know the maximum size your LED light bar can be. (Pro tip: the larger the LED light bar, the higher the number of bulbs in the unit itself, thus more light that can be shined on the trail ahead.)

Although you can choose bars with a single row of LEDs, adding another row of LED light bulbs will provide maximum illumination – which can be invaluable when you’re off-roading. From four inches in width to as much as fifty inches, you are free to select that size that works best for your vehicle, whatever it might be. We have both curved and straight LED light bar options, so you can also match the visual aesthetic of your vehicle or choose the style that best suits your personal preferences and mounting needs.

Wiring & Mounting a Mini LED Light Bar

When choosing the kind of LED light bar you would like, you will also have to select the type of wiring you require.

It is possible for you to have your unit wired directly into your vehicle’s electrical system. However, some customers prefer that their LED light bar not be permanently wired in. In that case, you can choose to power your mini light bar through the vehicle’s power adapter or using a compatible mobile power source, such as a power pack.

We offer a variety of off-road LED light bar wiring harness kits and connectors. These discount bundles make it even easier to get your offroad lighting hooked up and ready for the trail.

Off-Roading Mini LED Bar Beam Options

Another important feature to consider is what kind of beam pattern you would like your LED light bar to have.

The two basic types of beam patterns are the spot and the flood beam patterns. The spot beam functions exactly like it sounds like it would; it casts a specific spot of light which is concentrated in a specific area of the ground a fairly significant distance ahead of the vehicle and lamp. A flood beam, however, performs in the opposite manor by casting a diffuse light that washes the immediate area surrounding the vehicle and lamp. This beam pattern is good for doing work right next to the vehicle while the spot beam pattern is better for traveling on and off road.

The other two beam patterns are variations on the two mentioned above. They are called the combination beam pattern and the multibeam pattern. The combination beam pattern has the two beams combined in one unit so when you activate your LED off roading light bar, you are getting the best of both patterns, light to see in the immediate area of the vehicle and bright light to illuminate the path ahead of you on your adventure. The multibeam pattern, however, allows you to toggle between the two settings at will, either flood or spot beam.

When you are choosing these or any other features, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have. We understand that knowledge is power, and our experienced customer service team is here to provide all the answers and information you need to make the right choices.

LED Equipped assist our customers in identifying and purchasing the perfect LED lighting system for them. You can browse all of our off-road LED lights from our website or contact us for any help or assistance you need.

LED Equipped: Let us help you light the path to all your off-road adventures!

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