LED Running Board Lights

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LED Running Board Lights

Versatile yet powerful, our NighHawk Running Board LED Lights offer everything you would want in a vehicle lighting system. With super bright light intensity and variable lighting patterns, your vehicle will have no issues in being seen whenever an emergency arises.

Our running board lights were developed to highlight the outline of a vehicle while still showcasing a minimal footprint. Lighted running boards improve vehicle visibility through powerful LED lighting that commands attention when needed on the road.

Running Board Lights for Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Whether you operate an emergency response vehicle or need truck running board lights for extra visibility, our NightHawk LED running board lights are your perfect solution. Have the freedom to install your lighting system wherever you please, either highlighting the sides of your car or the front and the rear.

Our super bright 3 watts LED running lights for trucks showcases 15 different flash patterns and lighting intensity variations to adapt to your specific needs. Whether you need to stop traffic or call to an emergency, your LED lights will warn fellow drivers on the road to be cautious.

Why Our LED Lights for Running Boards?

When choosing LED Equipped, have confidence in your equipment knowing it’s made from state-of-the-art technology and materials. We use the latest technology to give our clients the best lighting system in the industry.

The Nighthawk Running Board LED Lights package is an extremely versatile emergency lighting system designed for maximum visibility with minimal footprint.

Our Running Board Leds were developed to enhance the outline of a vehicle’s profile (side of vehicle), offering greater visibility through installation location, variable flash patterns, and lighting intensity. Made of super-bright, 3 Watts LEDs, high-impact housing, and black finished aluminum mounting sleeve all support a great light with stealth installation.

With our affordable price and superior quality, these are ideal for any emergency responder looking to have more side coverage on their vehicle.

Available in a variety of lengths ranging from 50 to 70 ins, and easy to install, what more can you ask for?

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