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All About Emergency Vehicle Mini LED Light Bars

Emergency vehicle mini LED light bars, as you’ve no doubt guessed, are small in comparison to full-size models. However, their compact, low-profile design doesn’t make mini light bars are any less powerful than their larger counterparts – quite the contrary.

Mini light bars are rather mighty, as each is packed with dozens of ultra-bright LEDs. The brilliant, robust lighting they provide effectively illuminates the road ahead and serves to caution others to steer clear. They’re also highly efficient, extremely durable and easy to install – just like full-size emergency vehicle LED light bars. However, in terms of price, mini bars are more budget-friendly.

Here at LED Equipped, we offer an extensive range of high-quality LED lighting solutions for police cars, ambulances and other emergency vehicles. If yours lacks the room for a full-size bar – or if you’re looking to save money on your onboard lighting – a mini light bar may be the best option. To learn more, take a look at the following guide.

Mini LED Light Bar Sizes

Just how mini are mini light bars? Actually, they come in a variety of sizes. At LED Equipped, we have bars as small as 12 inches in length and larger models with lengths of 18 inches, 23 inches and 27 inches. If those sizes are too small for your emergency vehicle, our full-size bars are available in lengths ranging from 37 to 60 inches. Shop with us, and you can find whatever size of bar you need.

LED Light Flash Patterns

Mini LED light bars, like full-size models, feature many different flash patterns. Most of ours come with at least 15 built-in lighting effects, including alternating and split quad-burst patterns, single-flash and double-flash functions with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, split super flash and warp flashing. Directional traffic advisors are also among the many pattern options for emergency vehicle lighting.

LED Light Color Options

When you shop for mini LED light bars, you’ll find numerous color choices. The single-color models we offer at LED Equipped are available in amber, white, blue, green and red. You can also select from several dual-color options, including blue/amber, green/white, red/blue and white/amber. Whatever color or colors are used on emergency vehicles in your city or state, we have bars to match.

Mini LED Light Bar Controls

Once installed, operating a mini LED light bar couldn’t be easier. Ours come with an in-vehicle controller, and a simple button press is all it takes to activate the power, switch between flash patterns, turn on only the front or rear lights, enable steady burn lighting or change the LED colors. One glance at the controller, and you’ll know exactly how to operate your lights.

Mounting Mini Light Bars

At LED Equipped, our mini LED light bars feature powerful magnets that can provide a secure attachment to the rooftop of an emergency vehicle. However, since magnet mounting is only recommended for speeds of less than 50 mph, the magnets are removable to allow for permanent installation. In any case, whether you use the magnets or attach the lighting with bolt-and-lock fasteners, mounting is a simple task.

Wiring Mini LED Light Bars

All of the lighting products we offer at LED Equipped come with step-by-step installation manuals. The guide included with yours will walk you through with wiring process, and as long as you’re grounded and make sure no power is flowing while you’re working, you should be able to handle the task on your own. And if you experience any issues, you can always contact our lighting experts for advice. That said, if you’re not at all handy, you may want to leave the wiring to a professional electrician.

Safety Tips for Mini LED Light Bars

When you buy a mini light bar, you want it to last as long as possible – and with the high-quality LED lighting products we have up for sale, that means operating without a problem for up to 50,000 hours.

At the same time, you don’t want your onboard lighting to impair your emergency vehicle in any way. And while issues with LED lights and the vehicles they’re installed on are extremely rare, they can occur.

Fortunately, you can take steps to safeguard both your vehicle and your LED lights against damage. To do so, take the following precautions during the installation process:

  • If you use the magnet mounts and the bar ends up in the wrong position, remove it completely – rather than sliding the light – to avoid marring the vehicle’s finish.
  • For permanent mounting where you need to drill holes in the rooftop, make sure the spot you select won’t affect the roof’s safety support structure.
  • Be careful not to drill holes or rout any wires through or in the deployment area of your vehicle’s airbags, as doing so can cause serious injury and negatively affect airbag performance.
  • To prevent the wires from being accidentally spliced, deburr the drilled holes and remove all of the tiny metal fragments, then install grommets before wiring the LED lights.
  • As tight connections and larger wires help ensure a long service life, it’s strongly recommended that you protect any soldered connections with heat shrink wire wrap.

Once your LED lighting is securely mounted and properly wired, you shouldn’t experience any problems with its operation. However, when it comes time to clean your emergency vehicle, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t go through a car wash, as the light bar could get snagged by the overhead brushes, scratched by the bristles or even taken off of its mount. Plus, manufacturers recommend using only water to clean the outer housing, and car washes use soap and chemicals for cleaning.
  • Don’t reach for the pressure washer to get your LED lighting clean. The powerful stream of water might compromise the bar’s housing and lead to a buildup of condensation inside – and though that outcome is highly unlikely with a high-quality mini LED light bar, why take the chance?

Get Expert Advice on Emergency Vehicle Mini LED Light Bars

Not sure which mini light bar is right for your emergency vehicle? Or do you have questions about mounting and wiring onboard LED lighting? Either way, getting the assistance you need is as easy as picking up the phone. The friendly and knowledgeable team at LED Equipped is always happy to provide guidance, and we can help you find solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

In addition to our vast selection of high-quality mini LED light bars, we offer an impressive range of other onboard lighting options. All of the products we sell are affordable, and each comes with a 3-year warranty.

Furthermore, unlike many other LED lighting distributors, we’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau – and we’re proud to say we have an A+ rating. LED Equipped is also a Shopper Approved company, and we have nearly 800 reviews and a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

LED Equipped is a leading supplier of onboard LED lighting for law enforcement agencies, ambulance fleets, fire departments and first responders. Turn to us, and you can expect fair, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Head to our website to browse our catalog of products, or for more information on emergency vehicle mini LED light bars, give us a call today.

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