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amber LED light bars

Amber LED Light Bars Aid Road Construction Crews

A construction zone on a public street is a dangerous area, and everyone working there must take the proper precautions to protect themselves and all the motorists who must traverse the work zone. Part of safeguarding a construction zone and keeping motorists and pedestrians aware of the work that is underway involves using amber light bars and strobe light bars. LED Equipped sells a wide selection of light bars for emergency and construction vehicles.

Need for Emergency Lights Expected to Multiply

For many years, the nation’s highways, roads, streets and bridges have been sorely neglected. Potholes can seriously damage cars’ wheels, cracks in the asphalt make for a bumpy ride and fading paint on roadways is a safety hazard. Streets that are not properly kept up can also increase the incidence of hydroplaning, the distance it takes to stop a vehicle and the number of accidents in general.

The roads in Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are famously among the worst. When it comes time to pass a budget, infrastructure unfortunately just isn’t a priority in some municipalities. So the roads suffer — as do the cars and the drivers. It’s much easier — and cheaper — to perform regular maintenance on roads than to wait until the damage is so severe that the entire surface must be replaced.

We need our roads to get to work, school, to access health care and for other important obligations. Without proper and easy access to cities and towns, our nation’s economy suffers. That’s why highways were built. Many years ago, roads were narrower and of poorer quality, so that it was not possible to travel fast on them. Today, some highways have speed limits of 85 mph.

President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Bill calls for more than $100 billion in spending for repairs to roads and bridges. So motorists should expect to see construction vehicles and orange barrels all along the roadways from coast to coast starting this fall.

LED Lights for Road Construction Vehicles

While much construction — road construction as well as other types of construction — takes place during daylight hours, it doesn’t always. But even during the day, construction vehicles need the proper flashing lights to attract motorists’ attention and keep everyone safe. That’s where LED Equipped comes in.

Many motorists never think about emergency lights or what they mean, but most know intuitively that police lights are blue, fire engine and ambulance lights are red, and lights for other vehicles such as tow trucks and construction vehicles are amber or yellow. The types of construction vehicles that use amber light bars include:

  • Dump trucks
  • Bulldozers
  • Front-end loaders
  • Cranes
  • Backhoes
  • Excavators
  • Forklifts

Most construction vehicles are painted yellow in order to set them apart from other vehicles and make them noticeable. Most are also significantly larger than any other automobile on the road. You may think that this combination would be enough to keep workers and motorists safe, but it is not.

That’s why each construction vehicle is equipped with an amber LED light bar or strobe light bar. These lights can be set to light up and flash in a variety of patterns whenever the vehicle is running — not just when it’s moving. This is important because many times a road construction vehicle is stopped in a busy area in which motorists must maneuver around it, and the flashing lights helps them take notice.

Drivers should be able to notice a vehicle in their peripheral vision — whether it’s a big yellow dump truck or an ordinary car. However, they don’t always notice that the vehicle is stopped. Or, especially if there are traffic lights, drivers may expect the vehicles to start moving when the light changes. When they don’t, this increases the chance of a rear-end collision.

Having flashing amber light bars on top of road construction vehicles helps call attention to the fact that these vehicles are doing work. LED Equipped also sells amber light bars that are specifically made to be affixed to the dashboards of trucks. Sometimes it’s easier to quickly pull out your LED light bar and put it on the dash than to pull over, get it out and attach it to the roof.

Plus, our LED light bars attach to your dashboard with suction cups, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your vehicle with screws or other hardware. You can even take your LED light bar with you from one vehicle to another.

LED Warning Lights and Distracted Drivers

As difficult as it is to route traffic around vehicles doing roadwork such as paving, painting lines or filling potholes, it’s even more dangerous when workers cut a hole in the street to replace sewer pipes or to do other underground work. Without the proper flashing lights and flagmen, motorists may hit a person working in the street, despite signs and yellow caution tape.

The bottom line is that motorists expect vehicles on the road to be moving, and when they’re not, they have to plan to carefully maneuver around them. This gets more difficult as time passes due to the increases in distracted driving.

At one time, motorists had only to worry about the radio, passengers and their own thoughts to distract their driving. Now they also have to contend with phone calls and text messages too. Although technology has allowed us to communicate more safely while driving, unfortunately many people are still reading texts on their phones and punching in numbers while driving. Amber lights that call attention to stopped or working vehicles help cut through this distraction and get the attention of the driver.

LED Light Bars for Trucks at Night

When operating construction vehicles at night, it’s even more important to have the proper LED light bars for trucks. Motorists will be better able to see the amber light bars from a distance and take precautions in time.

Construction crews will also need bright floodlights in order to see properly at night to do their jobs. We sell a variety of floodlights, spotlights and combination lights for trucks and for illuminating worksites.

Doing road construction at night is hard work, but many municipalities go this route in order to avoid the traffic that accompanies daytime work. Working at night is dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be when you purchase lights from LED Equipped.

LED Equipped also sells bright white work light bars to use in small spaces, such as underground when working on excavation, sewer pipe or electrical jobs. Our ultra-bright lights require little power to light up a workspace, which means your crew can work longer before switching out lights to recharge.

Plus, you can use our work lights indoors or outdoors — they’re super bright but put out hardly any heat.

The Best Selection of Emergency Lights for Trucks

LED Equipped is your source for all types of emergency lights for trucks, including amber LED light bars and strobe light bars for road construction vehicles. These lights can be seen just as clearly during the day as they can at night, alerting everyone to the presence of crews working on the roads.

We also sell emergency LED light bars for police cars, firetrucks, ambulances and other types of emergency vehicles. Lights and sirens are what alert motorists and pedestrians to the approach of an emergency vehicle, and as such, they do a critically important job.

Depend on LED Equipped for all your emergency lights for trucks, whether they are tow trucks, construction vehicles, police cars, fire engines or another type of rescue vehicle. Browse our selection today.

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