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Basic Emergency Light Regulations

Basic Emergency Light Regulations

The work that police, firefighters and other public servants do on a daily basis is of vital importance, and at LedEquipped, we’re proud to be able to play a small role in assisting them. Our LED emergency lights are perfect for a variety of emergency and law enforcement vehicles, and help serve important functions.

There are rules that regulate the color and style of lights that can go on certain vehicles – some of these are only legal on emergency responder cars, while others might be usable for recreational vehicles with certain restrictions. Let’s take a look at all these regulations.

Government and Public Service Vehicles

If you’re part of a government or public service organization, you’ll have a different set of regulations on you for emergency vehicles and their lights. You’ll be licensed to drive with a variety of emergency lights, and we can help outfit your entire team. Individuals are limited in regard to a few specifics here – these laws differ depending on your location, so you’ll have to research these laws yourself to get a perfect understanding.

Flashing Color Limitations

Color limitations are some of the most important laws to know about here. In many areas, police cars and trucks use red and blue flashing lights – in most of these cases, these colors are prohibited on all other unauthorized cars.

However, there are other lights that might be chosen for a private vehicle, including orange or yellow flashing lights. These are standard colors for construction vehicles or tow trucks, for instance. One significant disclaimer: If you have these kinds of orange or yellow lights, you absolutely cannot assume these give you the right to disobey traffic laws – they do not. Only licensed government agencies like police or firefighters have that right on the roads during an emergency.

Do the Research

Whether you’re purchasing emergency lights or any other tools for your emergency vehicle or any other situation, do your research. Make sure you’re in tune with any important laws, and also that you’re finding the highest quality products – like ours at LedEquipped.

For more on our LED emergency lights, speak to our experts today.

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