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Best ATV Light Bars

Best ATV Light Bars

LED light bars for trucks and off-road vehicles are becoming increasingly common accessories. As the technology for LED lights improves, their capability to provide light in a variety of situations also improves. Trucks are certainly not the only application for LED light bars, though. ATVs, or All Terrain Vehicles, are a smaller off-roading option popular for hunting and recreation. ATVs are capable of accessing the most remote and rugged terrain, so equipping them with quality lighting is paramount to ensuring safety and ease of use for all passengers. It turns out that LED light bars are perfect for use on ATVs. In this comprehensive guide, we will tell you what you need to know when shopping for an ATV led light bar. Then, we will outline some of our favorite LED light bars for ATVs and tell you why we think they are great options for use on ATVs. Sit back, relax, and get informed!

There are multiple types of ATV light bar options available on the market today. Both Halogen bulbs and high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting are quite common. So you may be wondering: What makes LEDs so much better when it comes to ATV light bars? The fact is, LEDs are absolutely the superior choice for this application. Let us shed some light (no pun intended) on this for you:Why are LED Light Bars the Superior Choice?


LED bulbs are incredibly tiny in size, but they pack a punch. We are all familiar with advances in technology that allow for reductions in a particular product’s size. Phones, computers, batteries, and even lights are all becoming more compact. LED lights are no different. Despite their small size, LED lights are still capable of producing plenty of bright light. And since space is at a premium on a small off-road vehicle such as an ATV, the compact nature of LED light bars makes them hard to beat.


Efficiency is a hallmark benefit of LED lights. LED lights use far less energy than halogen and high-intensity discharge lights, despite producing the same amount of light. In fact, a comparable high-intensity discharge light uses up to two times as much power as its LED counterpart, and a comparable halogen light uses up to ten times as much power! Efficiency in lighting is always important, but in mobile applications, such as mounted on an ATV, it is absolutely necessary. When it comes to efficiency, LED lights can’t be beat. Your ATV’s 12-volt power source should have no problem powering an LED light bar.


So, LED’s are smaller and much more efficient than other types of lighting, but do they really last? The answer is yes. LED light bulbs have an average lifespan of around 40,000 hours – meaning that they are likely to continue shining brightly long after your ATV is out of commission. When you purchase an LED light bar for your ATV, you are making a great long term decision.


By now you might be convinced that LED lighting is an excellent option for most applications. But, if you are reading this article, you also probably know that the demands of an ATV application are far more extreme on a light bar than average. Adverse weather conditions, extremely bumpy trails, possible contact with obstacles, and general wear and tear are all likely scenarios that you, your ATV, and its new light bar will encounter. So, are LED light bars up to the task? Absolutely. The circuit boards for LED lights are not susceptible to damage incurring from bumps, vibrations, or impact – making them perfect for off-roading applications. Furthermore, most LED light bars that are specifically made for ATVs include a weatherproof, rugged exterior.


Functionality is critical for an ATV light bar, but let’s be honest: Light bars don’t just provide us with the light we need; they look pretty sweet, too. Fortunately, the small bulb size and ease of configuration that LEDs are known for allow them to maintain functionality in virtually any style of light bar. We’ve got some fantastic looking LED light bars on our website.

What Should be Considered When Purchasing an LED Light Bar for my ATV?

So, you are convinced that an LED light bar is the way to go for your ATV’s lighting needs. Now, you need to pick the right one based on your specific needs and application, your ATV’s specs, and your own preferences. Make sure to make the following considerations before choosing a light bar:


Space is at a premium on ATVs, so be sure to do your measuring before you purchase. You can’t buy a light bar that will interfere with any functions of the vehicle or obstruct your view in any way. Furthermore, mounting options tend to be quite limited on ATVs, so before you buy an ATV LED light bar, have a plan of where you are going to mount it. ATV light bar mounts are crucial when it comes to mounting your light bar properly.

Beam Pattern

When shopping for LED light bars, you will come across options which feature different beam patterns. The two main beam patterns are spotlights and floodlights. Combination lights, which provide both types of beam, are also available.


Spotlights are designed to provide a narrow beam of light which penetrates very far distances. The farther you can see at night, the faster you can safely travel. While spotlights are a common option for motorcycles and other high-speed vehicles, they are not as common for ATV applications. That is because ATVs generally travel over rough terrain which does not allow for high speeds. For this reason, spotlights are not a common choice for ATV use.


While spotlights provide narrow beams of light capable of stretching long distances, floodlights do essentially the opposite. Floodlights provide users with wide (and tall) light beams that do not stretch very far into the distance. Floodlights are popular for illuminating work areas and campsites, but they are also great choices for ATVs because they are not high-speed vehicles and they are good at illuminating the area right in front of the vehicle and off to the sides. However, despite the fact that spotlight usage is rare on an ATV, it is possible, so the third type of LED light bar beam pattern is actually the most effective.

Combination Lights

Combination LED light bars for your ATV are the best all-around choice for providing the function and safety you need. A combination beam pattern provides both spotlight and floodlight functionality, all in one compact package. While ATVs do not generally travel at high speeds, floodlights can be a bit limiting during those times when you are traveling down a straight, flat road at maximum speed. Having spotlight functionality in these scenarios can be the difference between seeing an obstacle in time to safely avoid it, or not. For the rest of the time, your floodlight function should serve you quite well while offroading and camping.


To adequately handle the demands of off-road ATV travel, a light bar must be mounted well and encased properly. Your ATV LED light bar will undoubtedly encounter dust, mud, and water – so a well-sealed housing is the first thing to look for. Fortunately, there is a rating you can find that tells you whether the lightbar is up to the task. Waterproof rating is measured using extensive testing. Only light bars which have a waterproof rating of IP 67 or higher are considered up to the task of ATV travel. Lightbars with this rating can withstand being completely submerged for periods of time during river crossings, etc. And they will not allow dust or mud to penetrate the housing.

The Best LED Light Bars for ATVs

The very best LED light bars for ATVs meet all of the considerations listed above and are constructed of high-quality materials. The following light bars are our top picks for ATV applications because of their beam pattern, size, mounting options, ruggedness, and overall quality. All of these light bars can be powered by the 12-volt power source on board your ATV.

Prairie Falcon 31 in Off Road LED Light Bar

This top quality light bar features a combination beam. An ATV light bar mount would be a useful tool for this light bar. It features two separate ways to mount the light bar – either via the sides of via the bottom of the bar. The housing of this fantastic light bar features marine grade materials and has a waterproof rating of IP 68, meaning it can withstand the harsh environments you will use it in. Inside the durable housing, 108 1.5 watt high intensity LED bulbs provide 13200 lumens of light beam power for visibility. This light bar comes with a rugged aluminum bracket for mounting, and an option to include an off road LED light bar wiring harness kit as part of a package.

With 50000 hours of lifetime, this LED light bar is likely to outlast the ATV you mount it on. A sleek black housing makes it a great looking addition to any ATV.

Nightcrawler 20 in Curved Off Road LED Light Bar

This 20 inch curved light bar is more compact than the above option, but its curved design still allows for a wide distribution of light. The combo beam pattern gives you the light you need, where you need it. This light bar features the most cutting edge microprocessor circuit which allows the 40 3 watt high powered LED bulbs inside to operate at maximum efficiency and durability. With a durable housing made of marine grade materials and a waterproof rating of IP67, it can handle anything thrown its way. The bulbs in this light bar are rated to last over 30,000 hours, making them a fantastic option for those looking to get their money’s worth out of this product. Black aluminum housing with adjustable aluminum mounts are durable, lightweight, strong, and look great on your ATV.

Prairie Falcon 13 in Off Road LED Light Bar

This 13-inch light bar is a more compact option, making it a great choice for ATV applications. Like the previous two options, this durable and compact ATV LED light bar is made from marine grade materials and boasts a waterproof rating of IP68. Don’t let its small size fool you, as this little powerhouse pumps out an impressive 4500 lumens of bright white light! Inside the sleek black aluminum housing are 60 1.5 watt high intensity LED bulbs. This extremely efficient, bright, durable light also features a long life, with over 50000 hours estimated from these LED bulbs. Halogen and HID bulbs don’t even come close to matching this impressive lifespan. This light bar’s small size, powerful beam, and low cost make it an all-around fantastic option for anyone looking for a great ATV light bar.

That concludes this comprehensive guide. We hope you feel well informed as you search for the best ATV light bar for your vehicle. Thanks for reading!


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