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Best Cheap LED Light Bars

Best Cheap LED Light Bars

LED light bars have grown in popularity due to the advantages of using LEDs, especially when compared to incandescent lights, in addition to how often they are used for various situations. While LED light bulbs are often associated with at-home or in-office use, LED light bars for truck and car use are becoming more common for today’s adventurous driver. They’re also used frequently for indoor and outdoor workstations and construction areas as well as an alternative lighting option for emergency vehicles. They are an affordable and high-quality option for many different scenarios.

Incandescent light bulbs inevitably run their course due to broken filaments caused by the heat of use. Alternatively, LEDs do not use a filament, which means longer product durability and efficiency. The average LED lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours of use versus an average of 5,000 hours for halogen bulbs. These advantages are valuable when considering LED light bar needs. Comparing by price alone, LED light bars may seem like the more expensive option than a halogen or HID bulb. However, the lifetime value of a single LED lighting option is less expensive overall.

Halogen or HID bulbs are different than LED bulbs and were the only option for years but not the most efficient or convenient for lighting. The LED light bar is generally favored because of its greater energy efficiency. LED light bars consume 2-3 watts per bulb compared to regular vehicle headlights that consume around 55 watts per bulb. They do not have to be replaced as often, which cuts down on the cost dramatically.

The goal when switching to a LED light bar is to find a quality model that is also affordable. We’ve rounded up the best cheap LED light bars and have created a brief guide to help you compare benefits and find exactly what you need for your vehicle.

LED Light Bar Comparison

How will you use the LED light bar the most? Are you a construction supervisor, emergency responder, or someone who simply thrives off outdoor, off roading adventure? Each type of LED lighting serves a slightly different purpose which will affect the cost and availability of options. There are also light options that serve a multi-purpose function, another factor that can help with determining the long-term value of the light bar you choose.

LED Work Lights and Floodlights

LED work lights and floodlights range from under $20 to up to $150. Factors to consider when comparing products include wattage and dimensions. Also, consider how many you need to get the job done and how will they be set up. One of the ways to keep costs down is to maximize your space with the proper lighting. When possible, start with one and add more if necessary. Many customers are pleasantly surprised at just how much light these light bars give off.

Falcon Eye2 18 Watt Cree LED Work Light – $17.95

For under $20, this 18-watt LED light is suitable for 12V or 24V vehicles and has a 1300 Lumen output. The ultra-low current prevents battery drainage. Plus, its 100% sealed lighting system makes it resistant to moisture and dirt.

The heat produced from the work light is minimal, which makes it safe to use in close workspaces. Drivers who plan to use as an off-roading solution can choose to add the wiring harness kit with either one or two connectors. As the most affordable option, this LED light bar also provides incredible value for multi-purpose use. It’s ideal for work-to-vehicle setups as needed. The Falcon Eye2 work light suits the needs of engineering, specialized, or off road vehicles equally.

Nightcrawler 20-in. Curved Off Road LED Light Bar 120W Cree Flood/Spot Combo – $69.95

The next cheapest option is the Nightcrawler 20-inch LED Light Bar. It, too, comes with the optional off-roading harness kit. The wattage is significantly higher than the Falcon Eye2 with a watt high power of 120 Cree LEDs. It’s a powerful light source providing both flood and spot beam patterns in one. Dimensions are 20” L x 3” H x 2.5” D when measuring for fit.

The Nightcrawler comes with adjustable aluminum mounts and has reverse voltage protection. If the 20-inch version is not quite large enough for your workspace needs, 30-, 40-, and 50-inch options are also available. These LED light bars can withstand shock and vibration better than halogen, Xenon, or HID lights. Plus, they are water-resistant. The Cree LED lasts for over 30,000 hours and is built to measure up to extreme weather conditions and environments.

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When looking for the best cheap LED light bar, these two are the ones to start with, although there are other high-quality products that provide added value at an affordable cost. No matter which version of work light or floodlight you need, you’ll receive a higher value option by purchasing an LED light. Even if the upfront cost is comparably more expensive than a halogen bulb, the long-term value exceeds what is available with traditional lighting.

LED Off Road Lighting Products

Both the previously mentioned Falcon Eye2 and Nightcrawler options can also be used for off-roading purposes, in addition to serving as a work light. However, if you seek an option exclusively for vehicle adventures, the cheapest option for an LED light bar is the Prairie Falcon 7 off-road LED lights.

Prairie Falcon 7 in Off Road LED Light Bar 36W Cree Flood/Spot Combo – $39.95

The Prairie Falcon 7-in, LED off-road lights bar is one of the most popular options due to its LED power, lighting coverage, and durability. At 36W LED power with a 30-degree spot beam pattern and 60-degree flood beam pattern, this LED light bar lasts over 30,000 hours.

The up-to-date microprocessor circuit generates a low power consumption, which means you don’t have to worry about overheating. It’s also built for harsh weather environments and is made of the marine grade materials. Customers who have purchased this product are impressed by the amount and quality of light emitted.

For off roaders who seek a larger option than the standard 7-inch product, there are multiple other sizes available, up to 51 inches. It depends on the brightness and coverage area you’re looking for when purchasing a LED light bar. It also depends on if you need a light for an ATV, SUV, or another large off-road driving vehicle.

Vulture Mini 36 Watt LED Work Lights – $29.95

This mini lamp is cheaper than the Prairie Falcon but is not technically categorized as one of the off-road lights. It works well as an interior roof or wall lamp for enclosed areas. However, it can be used for ATVs and other off road vehicles. It features a stainless steel mounting and an aluminum body, which make it durable in any harsh conditions. Its low current draw prevents damage to the battery and it is waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive, and shockproof.

In short, it is an inexpensive option that does the trick when lighting for an off-road experience. It also can be used to illuminate small work areas like a trailer or canopy. Another benefit is the Vulture Mini weighs five pounds, which makes it easy to transport and use for whatever the situation calls for. This is one light that can do the job of many, which lends to its allure as one of the best cheap LED light bar options available.

LED Lights for Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Are you specifically looking for an LED light for your emergency truck or vehicle? These range depending on if you need lights for an ambulance, tow truck, or fire engine. The placement and sizing will vary, as will the amount of wattage you’ll need for each type of vehicle.

Vulture 2 TIR 3-watt Emergency LED Dash/Deck Light – $39.95

The Vulture 2 TIR 3-watt Emergency LED Dash Light option uses Gen 4 3w LED technology which gives powerful lighting from the truck’s dashboard. There is no drilling required for installation; each light comes with suction cups. This lighting option comes with 25 flash patterns, which are easily alternated with a switch located on the rear of the light.

There is also a port to sync two or more LED dash lights. This light option is popular for undercover police cars, whereas the Avian Eye and Aviator Fusion Frontier models are suited more toward emergency vehicles such as ambulances or fire trucks.

Aviator Fusion Frontier 3 Watt Emergency LED Light Bar 18 in – $199.95

The Aviator Fusion Frontier Emergency LED Light Bar has Gen III LED technology which has powerful lighting capabilities, which is visible in any direction, day or night. This LED light bar gives 15 warning light pattern choices, in addition to 4 traffic advisory patterns, all with the touch of a button.

It comes with mounting hardware for easy installation. The light bar is waterproof and epoxy coated which prevents damage during harsh weather conditions; the exterior is made of double-layer aluminum. Each LED light bar comes with a 10-foot power cable and mounting kit.

This particular model includes a 27-inch light bar option as well. Other brands include the Linear Emergency and TIR Emergency options, which range in sizes from 48- to 63-inch sizes. The larger the bar, the higher the cost. Although $200 doesn’t seem like a cheap option, it still delivers a great value based on the size, quality, and range of light achieved with this light bar option.

LED Light Bar Options: Consider Lighting Needs

Not sure where to begin in your search for new lighting options? There are several factors to consider when choosing an LED light bar. Determine the size and amount of lighting you’ll need. Note your state’s legal requirements to ensure you’re within compliance. Finally, consider if beam patterns are an important part of your decision-making process.

LED light bars for truck grilles range from 4 inches to 50-plus inches to accommodate several uses. The smaller width bars are fit for a truck’s grille, while the larger width versions are meant for mounting with a bracket. Size depends on how much lighting you’d like to have and also, what will fit your specific vehicle. If you’re choosing an LED light bar for a work area, how much space do you want the light to cover? Get an idea of how big you need the light bar to be and where you plan to install it.

Prior to purchasing a LED light bar, also check with the state’s Department of Transportation to confirm the legal requirements of where you’ll be using the light. Finally, determine which beam pattern is needed. The flood beam pattern offers a wider light range but doesn’t cast as far as the spot beam. The spot beam is the preferable option if the goal is to illuminate far down the road.

There are a variety of options available. Identifying exactly what you want ahead of time will help with your selection. It’s best to perform a bit of research and measuring ahead of time to get exactly what you need at the cheapest option possible. There’s no need to compromise quality to find a LED light bar at an affordable cost.

Which LED Light Bar Should I Buy?

Create a checklist of what’s important in your selection. The goal of the light and the fit are two key factors. Each of the LED light bars listed above all come with a three-year warranty. They also are created with high-quality materials and LED technology to ensure durability and efficiency.

Each category of light bar includes the best cheap LED light bar option, but going up a size of a particular brand still provides top value for the amount of use you’ll receive from a LED light versus older, halogen versions.

Another cost-effective way to maximize your lighting needs is to buy light bars as a bundle at a discount or test a clearance product first to keep spending to a minimum. Fortunately, LED lights provide the visibility, energy efficiency, and durability that other lighting options simply do not have. The switch to LED lights does not have to be an expensive cost, but rather an economical option that meets your long-term lighting needs.

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