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Best Off Road LED Lights

Best Off Road LED Lights

Ready for an off road excursion? Whether your interest is nighttime boating, ATV-riding, or some other thrill-seeking adventure, your vehicle needs adequate lighting. The best off-road LED lights are durable, energy efficient, and will cast ample visibility wherever the road takes you, day or night.

Lighting coverage, durability, and beam power are all important factors when taking your vehicle off the beaten path. Fortunately, there are various options that successfully fit the bill and deliver a high-quality value. Each brand and model come with its own range of sizes and unique capabilities. Decide where you’ll mount the light bar and where you’ll be using the light most.

Will you be camping in the woods? Riding ATVs over desert sand dunes? How about splashing through muddy trails and rocky roads? Wherever you decide to take your next adventure, you’ll want to have the most durable option possible to light your way.

Standard halogen or HID lights used to be the only choices available, and LED lights seemed to be the more expensive route. However, now that LED technology is better advanced and in higher demand, LED light bars are more budget-friendly, in addition to being energy efficient and brighter than halogen lights, which were primarily used in the past.

It’s important to have the highest visibility and strongest light beam possible to create a safer environment for your next off roading excursion. Additionally, LED lights used for off roading specifically need to be water and dirt resistant. They should also be constructed of premium materials that won’t corrode or easily break off when in use. The Nightcrawler, Prairie Falcon, and Vulture Mini are three of the most popular options, all which fall under $100 each.

Nightcrawler 30 in Curved Off Road LED Light Bar 180W CREE Flood/Spot Combo – $99.95

The Nightcrawler’s Cree LED lights withstand shock and vibration better than halogen or HID lights. They also provide an expanded lifecycle of 30,000 hours, nearly 30 times the lifespan of a halogen light. That means you can hit the rockiest terrain with confidence that your pathway will be well lit. This off road LED light bar is designed to endure harsh weather environments and is a solid choice for any land or water adventure.

The 30-inch size of the Nightcrawler fits most needs, although sizing starts at 20 inches and goes up to 50 inches. Measure your vehicle to determine which option best fits. Additionally, like all LED lighting options, this model is energy efficient with low amounts of energy consumption necessary for illumination. It won’t drain your battery or overheat, which creates safer environments for use.

With both flood and spotlight capabilities, this off road LED light bar can be used in various situations and withstand nearly any situation. Even at the higher price point, this is a standard option for any thrill seeker who wants a reliable, quality light source.

Prairie Falcon 7 in Off Road LED Light Bar 36W Cree Flood/Spot Combo – $39.95

The Prairie Falcon LED Light Bar is a smaller option that provides plenty of light coverage, LED power, and durability. It provides a 30-degree spot beam pattern and a 60-degree flood beam pattern for use in many off road situations. When you need to illuminate the road ahead, this is what you want to guide your way. Its lifespan is comparable to the Nightcrawler model at 30,000 hours, and it also relies on low power consumption.

Also, compared to the Nightcrawler, it is built to withstand harsh elements and adverse weather environments. The Prairie Falcon off road LED light bar ranges in sizes and reaches up to 51 inches. However, the 7-inch LED light bar may prove adequate for ATV or boating adventure needs. First time LED light users are often happily surprised by just how much light these options give off in comparison to older alternatives. Consider the different scenarios and environments you’ll use the Prairie Falcon LED Light Bar and decide if a smaller, less costly option will still suit your lighting needs.

Vulture Mini 36 Watt LED Work Lights – $29.95

One of the least expensive and best off road LED lights is the Vulture Mini. Although smaller in size than the Nightcrawler and Prairie Falcon options, this lamp is a favorite among ATV riders and other off road adventurers due to the durability and efficiency of the product.

The mounting is made of stainless steel, and the body is aluminum which provides a strong protection against water, dust, and corrosion. Its shockproof and draws a low current to prevent battery damage. There is a 15-, 18-, and 36-watt option to help illuminate any trail or area. It’s a top choice for riders and drivers who want an inexpensive, multi-purpose light.

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The Vulture Mini was intended for use in smaller, enclosed workstations. However, its lightweight and easily transportable design makes it a go-to solution for a variety of lighting needs. With the right mounting or harness equipment, you can turn nearly any work or flood light into an off road lighting option as well. It’s smart to buy one light for multiple uses when possible to help keep costs low and provide you with the most value.

Multi-Purpose LED Light Bar Options

The essential component of any off road-lights is its durability. As you hit dips and bumps in the road, will the light remain secure? Will it last through rain, dirt, wind, and other harsh elements? This is all necessary for any lighting choice. However, it doesn’t mean you’re limited to what’s created for off-road lighting specifically. Other LED light bar options can perform the job even if not created as headlamps intentionally for off road driving situations.

LED lights do not burn out and need to be replaced less frequently. Depending on your budget and the size of light you want, there are many options that can be used for dual purposes. For example, there are some LED floodlights or work lights that could be substituted for off road use. If cost is a top deciding factor, then the Falcon Eye2 may be the answer. For under $20, it is an excellent value as a multi-purpose light.

Falcon Eye2 18 Watt Cree LED Work Light – $17.95

The Falcon Eye2 is an 18-watt LED light and is suitable for 12V or 24V vehicles. This is the most affordable, LED light bar option available. It is used for various lighting needs. Although designed to illuminate enclosed workspaces, it also is used for off road purposes as well. Adventurers can choose the complementary wiring harness kit for easy installation and preparation for outdoor excursions.

It’s ideal for campers because it can be used as lighting to set up a tent area. Then, it can be affixed to your off road racing vehicle when on the move. It’s a convenient LED light used for outdoor recreational or work situations. The work light has a low current which prevents a drained battery and is sealed against dirt and moisture. If you want an inexpensive light that can work in various scenarios, the Falcon Eye2 is a good choice.

Deluxe Off Road Bundle – $34.95

Another economical option is the Deluxe Off Road Bundle. The stainless steel mounting allows the light to be used for interior or exterior enclosed workspaces. Additionally, it can be used for off road vehicles including ATVs, SUVS, trucks, and boats. The lifespan of this LED option is approximately 50,000 hours, which makes it a longtime valued product at a discounted cost. The Deluxe Off Road Bundle and the Falcon Eye2 are go-to options for customers who are on a budget, but still expect a quality light.

If you already have a work or flood light and want to connect it to your vehicle for off road use, choose the Off Road LED Light Bar Wiring Harness. This kit is the ideal accessory for all off road vehicles. With more than 8 feet of wiring, the harness helps to simplify installation when powering equipment on all vehicles. It has an illuminated on/off switch, a voltage of 9-32V DC, 40A amps, and is available packaged with one or two connectors.

The task of wiring an LED light bar may not be familiar. However, you don’t have to be an expert to get the job done. To start, you’ll want to ensure you have the right materials and tools. With the Off Road LED Light Bar Wiring Harness kit, you’ll already have the light bar and wiring you need. From there, you’ll just need the power source that’ll be used.

Needle nose or electrical pliers are also necessary, in addition to a soldering gun, solder, and electrical tape. Once you have the necessary equipment ready, follow the step-by-step installation instructions based on the type of light you are using. There may be slight variations when mounting equipment to different vehicles, but in general, it’s a DIY project nearly anyone can complete.

Why Choose LED for Off Road Lights?

LED lights are more popular than ever. It’s largely due to the benefits of LED off road light options compared with the older options. There is more information readily available about the changing technology and the increased value LED lights provide. Every LED light bar has increased energy efficiency and durability when compared to more traditional lighting alternatives such as halogen or HID lights.

As far as off road lights go, there are several that are affordable without compromising quality. Plus, there is not the risk of an LED light “burning out” from use. LED lighting lasts far longer than more traditional options. The average usage is 30,000 hours for an LED light bar versus approximately 1,000 hours for a halogen light source. This means less need for replacement over the years. As a result, they are safer, more reliable, and less costly in the long run.

LED off road lights also do not generate a high amount of energy, which creates better, more efficient conditions and situations. These lighting options prevent power drains of batteries and alternators, all without limiting the power and visibility of the light they emit. As an added benefit, they are non-toxic and recyclable which has a more positive impact on the planet.

Many people have already begun to make the switch from traditional lighting sources to LED options. The cost-savings, energy efficiency, and increased power are all part of the list of reasons the preference is now LED.

LED Lighting Considerations

The options and benefits are both plentiful. Now that you’ve made the decision to choose an off road LED light bar, consider the factors. These include size, light power, desired beam patterns, and state compliance.

Consider where you’ll mount your light bar. For example, an ATV doesn’t require as big of a light bar as a truck built for off roading purposes, which means the options will be more cost-efficient. The smaller the bar, the less expensive it typically is. Light power is another factor to keep in mind. Many off road LED light bars come with the option of having both flood and spotlight options in one. This makes it convenient when transitioning from day to night since nighttime adventures usually require a longer range of illumination.

Finally, make sure you are compliant with your home state and the different states you’re using LED lights. If you need an LED light bar for off roading adventures exclusively, check out the guidelines ahead of time to ensure you meet the legal requirements. Each state may have separate regulations which you must abide by.

Mark your must-haves ahead of time and then, start the comparison process. It will help to eliminate options that simply do not fit your necessary requirements. By narrowing down choices from the beginning, it will be quicker to decide which off road LED light is best for you. LED lights don’t last forever, but they won’t burn out and will last far longer than other options. It’s worth comparing the overall cost-savings and benefits you’ll receive by choosing LED lights for your next off road adventure.

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