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Emergency LED lights for utility companies

Emergency LED Lights for Service Techs & Utility Professionals

Working as a utility or service technician means that you must be able to see the task you are performing regardless of the location and safety conditions. LED light bars supplied by LED Equipped supply all the bright, clear light you need while also captivating the attention of passing by vehicles which keeps you, your equipment and anyone who may be affected at the scene safe.

By equipping your utility or service vehicle with LED light bars, you can have usable, bright light instantly that is so luminescent that it is possible to even continue working after the sun sets. From country roads to downtown at rush hour, our LED light bars are sure to grab commuter’s attention and keep you and your crew safe. With plenty of choices to select from, we can accommodate all needs regardless of how difficult or unusual request you may have. Continue reading on to get some much-needed advice to help with selecting the right LED light bar from us here at LED Equipped.

Find your Features for your LED Light Bars

One important aspect of your LED light bar system to consider is what visual affects you would like your utility or service lights to have. It’s not uncommon for utility or service workers to have several kinds of lights to produce different visual effects to keep them, their vehicles and their crews safe and secure while traveling on the road and while actually working at the service or utility call location.

Rotating lights are helpful for traveling to and from worksites. They allow the commuters around you also traveling to be aware that you might start slowing down unexpectedly or you might travel at a different speed than the surrounding traffic. These style lights are perfect for communicating this. However, as opposed to the classic light bulb and mirror style rotating lights, the LED light bars that create a similar effect are far better for visibility and durability while also remaining fiscally responsible.

When working out on the road with vehicles speeding by on the highway or a country road, getting travelers attention to be aware of your presence is crucial in maintaining safety standards at a job site. Strobe lights are quite effective in attention grabbing and have been for quite a long time. However, with the miraculous technological advancements made recently, many utility or service providers utilize LED lighting now instead of outdated strobe lights. The LED light bars create a similar flashing effect that still notify passing drivers of your rapidly approaching potentially hazardous location while also possessing several features that are more advantageous over traditional strobe lights.

Especially at night, to keep commuters around you and your crew aware of your work, it is often a smart decision to have steady-burning lights that are on constantly to keep others aware and cautious. Because of this, along with many other reasons, LED light bars have begun to consume much of the market over other, previously “traditional” lighting systems. The brightness, durability, efficiency, reliability and lifespan are just a few of the reasons that LED light bars are more effective than competing systems.

The LED light bars themselves produce a lot of light considering the durability and simplicity of the product’s design. Each entry on LED Equipped’s website contains plenty of information regarding each bars style, the LED light bar connector requirements and the specs like how many lumens the lamp produces, or how bright said LED light bar is. The design of the LED light bars creates light that is far brighter than competing lamp designs. Because of how the product is designed, a piece of solid-state technology, each LED light bar is not only brighter than competing bulbs but also more durable and resistant to jostling and minor damages or impacts.

A piece of solid-state technology is a product that has no moving parts or pieces inside the housing itself. Meaning there is very little wear and tear due to movement and usage within the LED light bar itself, making the lifetime that much longer and more efficient than competing bulbs. Further, thanks to their design, these LED lamps also work phenomenally in cold and maritime settings. Thanks to the durability of these products, LED light bars are long lasting, potentially long enough to last for literal years.

In addition to the bright light, long lifespan, and durable design, these LED light bars sold here at LED Equipped are efficient and reliable. These products are efficient enough to save energy as compared to their lighting counterparts. Thanks to their design, these LED light bars draw less power than other bulbs, thus drawing less power from the vehicle and putting that much less a strain on the vehicle’s battery and electrical system. These products are reliable which is obvious as soon as you activate your LED light bar. With other lamps, you’re forced to wait several minutes for the bulbs to warm up to have light to work with. Not with LED lights, simply flip a switch and instant bright, clear light available at your disposal. With all these amazing features, it is plain to see why so many utility and service technicians have made the switch to LED light bars.

Features Found, Choose an LED Light System

After you have selected specific features you’re looking for, it is time to begin considering the different types of lights and how you will utilize them. From beacon lights to light bars to dash lights, we here at LED Equipped have all your needs covered.

Beacon lights are anchored to the utility vehicle via magnets and located on the vehicle’s roof. This allows the light to have complete visibility from anywhere in the immediate location. Easy to remove and store, beacons are simple and effortless solution to your LED lighting needs.

Dash lights are used just like they sound, on the dash. Mounted with suction cups, these lights are mounted inside the vehicle on the dash itself or even possibly on the front windshield. This LED light bar is generally powered via the cigarette lighter located somewhere in the interior of your vehicle. Much like the beacon lights, because of their easy to set up configuration, these can be removed and installed in just a moment notice when you are on the way to the job site. Meaning, if you want to leave the lights permanently installed, you can. But if you want your vehicle to be more versatile than that, it is possible to remove them every time before a call. These style lights and mounts are perfect for utility and service workers whose vehicle is their work and personal vehicles.

If you are looking for more permanent solutions to be installed on the vehicle full time, look no further, because we have options for everyone here at LED Equipped. With these products simply flip a switch and instant bright illumination created by LED light bars. Grill lights, light bars or running board lights, if you have a need, we have the lighting solution perfect for you.

The grill lights, much like the running board lights, are meant to be located and installed in such a manor so as not to attract attention. Both products, when not in use, completely blend in with the vehicle and do not attract any attention. By leaving their lights off, running board and grill lights simply look like stock hardware that came with the vehicle. The main difference between the two products is how versatile the grill lights are. The running board lights can only be installed in a vehicle’s running boards. The grill lights, however, can fit in the grill or even on the bumper or inside on the dashboard. If your vehicle needs to double as a work truck and your personal vehicle, these options might be best for you so as not to attract unwanted attention.

Finally, the LED light bars are one of the more common selections with LED lighting. With a single or double row of LED light bulbs and sizes for just about any need, these LED light bars are easy to use and are practical. These lights are an investment into your vehicle with their long lifespan. Choosing your configuration is all based on you and your needs. By choosing the right configuration you can ensure that your workspace is illuminated regardless of the conditions at the jobsite. These LED light bars are powerful and weatherproof, giving you the tools you need to do your job efficiently and for a long, long time.

Quick Reference for LED Light Bars: Tips & Tricks

Before purchasing anything, the following is best to consider to be sure you get exactly what you need and make sure your equipment works for you:

  • Investigating the legal statues and regulations that govern your town or state’s usage of emergency lights on professional’s vehicles is important to determine which products you can purchase and even what color or beam patterns are allowed. Find out by contacting the local authorities and checking the local laws.
  • Consider the style and size of your vehicle before choosing your lights. Some styles look better with other types of vehicles. It is also important to make sure that the LED light bar fits on your vehicle. Measure to check how big your LED light bar needs to be.
  • Make sure the products you are investing in are high quality and worth the money. Cost effective solutions are available that work well and are rather cheap. But it’s imperative that you research this before you purchase a cheaper selection. Find products that meet your needs in an LED light bar. Consider spending a bit more than you were thinking because of the longevity of these products. An investment will last longer with these products than if you spent more on other products.
  • Check the kind of mounting hardware your product will need to properly install the LED light bar. Most products are easy to mount and some of them even include the hardware in the LED light bar kit you purchase.
  • Selecting the right company that believes in their products is crucial to getting the right set up for your LED light bar system. We here at LED Equipped include a complimentary three-year warranty for all products you buy from us here at LED Equipped.
  • Trouble selecting a product for your utility vehicle? No problem. Contact us here at LED Equipped to be put in touch with experts on LED light bars, helping you be informed and empowered to make the best choice for your LED light bar system. Contact us here at LED Equipped for any assistance you may require about your LED light bars.

Contact LED Equipped to Help Illuminate your Choice

Here at LED Equipped, we have plenty of stock to choose from with plenty of variety in styles. We are ready to assist you with all needs you may have. We even have the capability to fabricate any product you might need for your LED light bar system.

If you are ready to be safer while using less power and being even more efficient, contact us here at LED Equipped today and we can easily help you find the right LED light bars for you.

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