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Truck emergency lights and LEDs

Emergency Lights for Trucks – Understanding Your Options

Buying emergency lights for trucks is rather simple – if, that is, you know which products you need. But, if this is your first time shopping for vehicle lighting, you might find that comparing the many options and coming to a decision is a difficult task.

Truck lights have become standard for workers in several professions, and the market certainly reflects the growing demand. Once a specialty product, emergency vehicle lighting is now widely available, and there’s a vast array of configurations and styles to choose from. And while having plenty of options allows you to invest in lights that best suit your needs, it can also complicate the shopping process.

For that reason, the lighting specialists at LED Equipped wanted to put together a guide explaining the types of emergency lights for trucks you can purchase. Take a look at the following before you shop, and you’ll have an easier time making a decision on vehicle lighting.

Bulb Options for Emergency Lights

Three different types of bulbs – halogens, high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs and light emitting diode (LED) bulbs — are commonly used in vehicle lighting. However, as our name suggests, we only offer LED lights. But, we have several good reasons for doing so:

  • Unlike halogens and HIDs, LED lights provide ultra-bright illumination and clear visibility in all weather conditions
  • LEDs are far more efficient than halogens and HIDs, supplying brilliant light with a much smaller amount of energy
  • LED lights function for up to 50,000 hours, while halogens last a maximum of 1000 hours and HIDs burn out after no more than 8,000 hours
  • LEDs come with a rugged, waterproof housing, and since they have few internal parts and create light without the use of heat, they’re exceptionally durable
  • LED lights are completely recyclable, so they’re more environmentally-friendly than halogens and HIDs

Truck lights that feature LEDs are more expensive than models with halogen or HID bulbs. However, given its longer performance and superior durability, LED vehicle lighting saves you money in the long run.

Now that we’ve explained why we only sell LED emergency lights for trucks, we’ll go over the various features and options you’ll find.

Vehicle Lighting Beam Pattern Options

Manufacturers use advanced technologies and unique arrangements of reflectors and lenses to produce emergency lights with different beam patterns.

The beam pattern of a product refers to how far and wide its light reaches. Vehicle lighting comes with one of three configurations, each of which has benefits:

  • A spot beam produces far-reaching light with a narrow 10 to 30 degree spread, which offers improved visibility for nighttime driving and is well-suited for work situations that require task-specific lighting
  • A flood beam has a shorter reach, yet lights up a wider area, and the spread of up to 90 degrees helps alert other motorists and allows for ample illumination across a large worksite or sizeable section of the road
  • A combination beam offers the advantage of versatility in vehicle lighting, as it produces a spot pattern with the lights at the center and a flood pattern with the outside lights

No option is right for everyone, and depending upon your work situation and your budget, investing in a dedicated spot beam light along with a dedicated flood beam light may be a practical decision.

Flash Pattern Options for Truck Lights

For emergency lights to be effective, they need to stand out from the surroundings without distracting anyone out on the road. To that end, they come with several different flash patterns, many of which are named for their special effects. The options you’ll find include:

  • Split quad-burst
  • Chaser flashes
  • Warp flashing
  • Split super flash
  • Progressive flash
  • Flash side by side
  • Directional advisor

At LED Equipped, many of our emergency lights for trucks come equipped with multiple flash patterns. Be aware, though, that your city or state may restrict the types you can use – we recommend checking with a local law enforcement agency to learn the laws in your area before making a purchase.

Emergency Truck Light Color Options

Emergency lights for trucks feature one or more colored lenses to create different lighting effects. Here at LED Equipped, our color choices include:

  • White, which provides the brightest illumination in normal weather conditions
  • Amber, which offers better visibility in fog, rain and snow and in dust storms
  • Red, which grabs attention and is found on many rapid response vehicles
  • Blue, which is highly visible and commonly used by police and first responders
  • Green, which volunteer firefighters and EMTs often use for courtesy truck lights

You’ll have your choice of several single-color and dual-color emergency lights for trucks – but as with flash patterns, the options you can legally use in your region may be limited. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find out which colors are allowed in your area before you shop.

Types of Emergency Lights for Trucks

A range of vehicle lighting options are available, and your decision on which type or types to purchase for your truck will largely depend upon the space you have available for mounting. If your local or state laws don’t limit the placement of emergency lights on trucks, the configurations you’ll have to choose from include:

  • Dash lights, which feature powerful suction cups for temporary dashboard or windshield mounting
  • Beacon lights, which have strong magnets that adhere to your truck’s rooftop and can be easily removed when not in use
  • Visor lights, which mount out of sight on your dashboard or the interior of your truck windshield
  • Light bars, which come in lengths ranging from 4 to 60 inches and can be mounted on the rooftop or rear of a vehicle
  • Grill lights, which are slim in profile and can be placed on your truck’s grill, on the dashboard or even on the bumper
  • Running board lights, which can be ideal for trucks with steps or running boards, as they’re designed to tuck neatly away into the recessed grooves

Many people who drive emergency trucks opt for multi-light setups. If you decide to go this route, shop with a vehicle lighting supplier who offers bundled products – like LED Equipped. Our bundles feature multiple LED lights, the necessary mounting hardware and accessories, all for a discount price.

Get Expert Advice on Emergency Lights for Trucks

Let’s say you’ve been browsing the available vehicle lighting options, keeping everything we mentioned above in mind. And, you can’t make up your mind which emergency lights for trucks best meet your needs. What then?

Not to worry – simply reach out to the lighting specialists at LED Equipped. We’re here to offer advice over the phone or via email, and we’d be happy to answer your questions and help you come to a decision on truck lights.

We know there are many vehicle lighting suppliers, but LED Equipped is the preferred choice for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, first responders, ambulance fleets, towing services and construction companies across the country. And unlike our competition, we have:

  • Affordable, high-quality products proven to offer superior performance
  • 3-year warranty coverage on all of the vehicle lighting products we sell
  • An A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau
  • Shopper Approved status, with 4.6 out of 5 stars and nearly 800 reviews

At LED Equipped, we’re committed to providing every customer with exceptional vehicle lighting and exceptional service. For more details on our emergency lights for trucks, or for personalized shopping assistance, contact us today.

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