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Emergency vehicle lights and sirens

Emergency Vehicle Lights for Ambulances & EMTs

Emergency medical technicians must be available to provide medical aid to victims at a moment’s notice and getting to the scene quickly and safely is paramount to accomplishing that goal.

EMTs are always prepared to assist accident victims and anyone suffering a medical emergency – and their emergency vehicles should likewise be prepared to get the job done for them. Emergency vehicle lights and sirens are critical for cutting a swath through traffic.

LED Equipped specializes in emergency vehicle lights for EMTs and other emergency medical personnel associated with a fire department or private emergency medical transport services. We can assist you in selecting and installing LED light bars, sirens and other emergency lights for a single vehicle or an entire fleet.

We carry a wide selection of products that deliver maximum value at the lowest possible cost. Our customer service is second-to-none and we are always standing by to assist you with any questions you have or information you might need.

Types of Emergency Vehicle Lights

Before placing an order, you must determine specifically what you are looking for in an emergency vehicle lighting system. Do you want an LED light bar that is obviously visible on the outside of the vehicle? Do you want your lights to blend in with the hardware of the vehicle but remain installed full time? Do you want your lights to be temporary and easily removable and attached to the vehicle outside the cab? Would you prefer it inside the cab? All these options are possible.

LED Light Bars

We have multiple options for roof-mounted light bars for ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Our ultra-bright light bars and mini LED light bars provide the maximum performance and durability.

Grille Lights

These products are typically mounted directly on the grill of the vehicle. Because of the look of the grill and the LED light itself, it tends to blend in with the hardware and thus it doesn’t attract much attention. These do not have to only be mounted on the grill, they can be mounted almost anywhere.

Dash Lights

Should you want something a little more subtle, you can elect to install dashboard LED lights that attach via suction cups to either the vehicle’s dashboard or even the glass of the front windshield. Both the beacon and the dash lights are powered by a cord connected to a cigarette lighter adapter.

Specialty Lighting

Trust us for all of your emergency vehicle lighting, including specialty products. For example, our wig-wag lights – LED headlight flasher systems – are highly effective for alerting other motorists of your presence and need to pass.

If you don’t see what you need on our website, contact us for assistance. We have the ability to source multiple types of products, or to work with you to create the lighting and siren systems you need.

Mounting, Wiring & Controlling Emergency Vehicle Lights

In most cases, first responders choose to permanently mount and wire in ambulance and EMS transport vehicle lights. However, when you choose LED Equipped for your emergency LED lights, you have flexibility and options for both mounting and wiring as well as controls.

There are options to mount them on the roof of the vehicle or elsewhere as well. If you want them to be completely unnoticeable, and your vehicle has running boards, you can have lights installed into your running boards which will light the ground as you drive.

There are also more temporary choices available. If you would prefer the lights to be temporarily attached to the roof and easily stowed, we here at LED Equipped carry beacon LED lights that are magnetized at the base and can be easily attached, removed and stowed in moments when on the way to or from a call. Should you want something a little more subtle, you can elect to install dashboard LED lights that attach via suction cups to either the vehicle’s dashboard or even the glass of the front windshield. Both the beacon and the dash lights are powered by a cord connected to a cigarette lighter adapter. With such a simple power mechanism and easy installation and removability, these products are ideal for choosing a temporary LED lighting system.

You can put emergency vehicle light control at your fingertips with full size or mini control box options. Or, if you prefer to install dash mounted switches, choose the appropriate size switch faceplate. You can browse our many options for light control boxes and switches, to choose the one that’s right for you. Or, feel free to contact one of our helpful team members directly for advice on which options might be best for your needs.

Emergency Vehicle Sirens for Ambulances & EMS Vehicles

Just as important as having the right emergency lighting, ambulances and EMS transport vehicles also need emergency sirens. Sirens alert other motorists who might not necessarily notice your vehicle’s lights, especially if you are approaching from the rear or the side. Even with an obstructed view, sirens alert motorists that they are potentially in the path of an emergency vehicle and must move to provide clear access.

When choosing an emergency vehicle siren system, these are just a few of the considerations you should be aware of.

Siren Wattage Options

Although most emergency siren systems have 100-watt amplifier output, you might have the need for a 200-watt system in some cases.

Siren Speakers & PA Speakers

No matter how good your siren is, it won’t make any difference without siren speakers. Choose speakers sized for your siren output and ensure that you have the right mounting options for your selection.

Emergency Siren Tone Options

The industry uses several standard tones, which vary by state, city and department. Typical tone options include aux, hi-lo, tool, yelp, wail, air horn and phaser. Make sure that whatever siren system you select offers the tone or tones that you will need in your location.

Siren Installation & Mounting

How your system will be mounted, wired and controlled are all critical considerations. Siren systems are more complex than most lighting, with more parts and pieces to consider. You will also need sufficient power for the amplifier, as well as a well-vented mounting location.

For maximum convenience and value, LED Equipped offers emergency vehicle siren bundles. These bundles come complete with controls, wiring, mounting brackets, microphone, speaker cable and more. Some of our cost-effective siren bundles even include speakers.

Contact LED Equipped today for even more emergency vehicle siren and light selections and features. You can choose your preferred beam pattern, how bright you would like your LED light bars to be, and other features that can impact one another based on your selections.

It is important to note that our products are more durable than most other products on the market. Shock-, drop-, water-, dust- and cold-resistant, these amazing products are much safer to use in many different settings as they are so much more durable than other lamps, not to mention their long lifespan. Other lamps on the market only last for an average of somewhere between one thousand and five thousand hours based on the materials they are made of. Our LED lights can last for as long as 30,000 hours and sometimes more, depending on how you care for the products. All of our products are backed by our three-year warranty.

To speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team members, or to place your order for emergency vehicle lights or sirens, contact us today

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