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LED lighting for fire trucks

How to Select the Best LED Light Bars for Fire Trucks

When you and your station are mobilized to help combat a fire in your community, your fire trucks need to be as visible as possible, to as many people as possible.

Here at LED Equipped, we have options for all types of LED light bars, as well as wiring and mounting hardware for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. Through the years, we have assisted countless fire departments and other first responders all across the country. Here, you will find the answers you need to select the best LED light bars and accessories for one truck or an entire department.

Fire Truck LED Light Advantages

When deciding what exactly your vehicle or vehicles need, it is important to know what your options are, in terms of features.

LED light bars are the most effective and useful lamp on the market today. They are far more durable than other lamps and, in almost every case, represent a better investment for any emergency response purpose. Because of their design, LED light bars are water-, dust- and cold-resistant. These lights are also longer lasting than any other bulbs competing on the market today. Their longer life is largely due to their solid state design. Because there are no moving parts inside the LED light bar itself, it cuts down on the wear and tear of the components and innerworkings of light bars.

In terms of durability, you won’t find any more reliable or long-lasting type of lighting. Other bulbs on the market last as little as one thousand to five thousand hours, while LED lights have been found to last as long as five years or 30,000 hours. Those facts, while astounding in and of themselves, are just the beginning of the unique and impressive features of LED light bars.

Because of their design, each LED bulb produces bright and clear light while requiring very little power. This helps prevent additional wear and tear on the LED light bars’ internal components.

Choosing the Right LED Lights for Fire Trucks

The more light you will need your LED light bar to produce, the more LED light bulbs you will need inside. The two ways to get more bulbs in your LED light bar is to either make the bar longer or to add a second row or bulbs. Each LED light bar can be from anywhere as small as four inches long to as large as 50 inches. Each LED light bar comes with a specific number of LED bulbs inside, based on size. However, you can double the number of bulbs by choosing a light bar with a second row of bulbs.

It is also worth noting that, should we not have any specific product or feature that you are looking for listed on our website, we can still help you get set up with what you need. Simply contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members for help.

Fire Truck Light Wiring & Mounting

At LED equipped, we have not just countless LED light bars available, but we also have all the connections and hardware that you need to install your LED light bar system.

Some of our customers are looking for simplicity in their LED light bar system, and for those customers we have taken the liberty of putting together cost-effective discount LED light bundles or kits for our customers. Each kit includes the LED light bar that you select, as well as the mounting hardware to attach the LED light bar to your vehicle. Our bundles also include the wiring and accessories that you will need to connect the LED light bar kit directly into your vehicle’s electrical system.

If, however, you are a bit more familiar with your vehicle’s inner workings or you want to take a more customized approach to the creation of your LED light bar system, we can also help you select your equipment individually. When you choose your fire truck LED lights from us, you can, if you prefer, set up your entire system piece by piece.

Once again, if, as you are choosing your products, you are unable to find a specific product, feature or effect you are looking for, we can help you with just about anything you might need.

Fire Truck LED Light Pattern Options

Now that you know about the more specific physical features of emergency LED light bars, it is important for you to determine what sort of desired effects you are looking for.

LED light bars come in several different styles that achieve slightly different results ,and each option may be better suited for different purposes. LED light bars are designed to produce a specific style of light beam pattern. For example, the spot beam pattern gives off a highly concentrated beam of light focused on one specific spot that is fairly far away from the vehicle. This makes this beam pattern ideal for traveling and for lighting a specific area a significant distance from the lamp itself. Conversely, the flood beam pattern produces a softer, more diffuse lighting that “floods” the immediate area with bright, usable light.

You can also choose from two other types of beam patterns, in addition to the flood and spot patterns.

The last two are either the combination beam pattern or the multi-beam pattern. These two are fairly self-explanatory, as they utilize both the flood and spot patterns in ways that differ slightly from one another. The combination beam pattern allows you to toggle selection between either pattern style, either flood beam or spot beam. The combination in ideal in many scenarios, as it provides you with more control without forcing you to purchase multiple LED light bars, or having to mount and wire several types of LED light bar lamps.

The multi-beam light pattern utilizes both beam patterns at once. In other words, when you turn on the multi-beam light pattern option, you have both a spot beam and a flood beam at the same time. This provides an all-around beam pattern that can be useful for almost any sort of emergency vehicle application.

LED Lighting Produces Superior Results for Firefighters

Finally, there is one more important and impressive feature to note for LED light bars – and that’s the results that this lighting produces.

LED light bars emit clear, bright light immediately once powered on. Other types of lamps require several minutes to warm up before providing sufficient light for fire trucks and other emergency responder vehicles.

You have multiple options for determining how your LED light bar is mounted, wired or utilized. Some lights are designed to be wired directly into the vehicle’s electrical system, while others can be plugged directly into a cigarette lighter outlet and powered that way. Regardless of the usage or how the LED light bar is powered, however, LED lights produce instant results, to illuminate your desired area without delay.

LED Equipped offers the best and most diverse inventory available on the market today. Contact us today for answers to any question you might have, or browse our website to see our vast inventory of fire truck LED lighting options.

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