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LED lights for construction vehicles

How to Shop for Construction Truck LED Warning Lights

Outfitting construction trucks with LED warning lights is a smart move for visibility and safety at the job site and out on the road.

Construction work doesn’t always stop when the sun goes down – and for 24-hour operations, ample illumination is essential. LEDs emit bright, powerful light at the flick of a switch, allowing the crew to see what they’re working on while also warning pedestrians and motorists to steer clear.

When it comes to shopping for construction truck warning lights, there are several important factors to consider. Here, the lighting specialists at LED Equipped explain what you need to know before buying LED lights for work vehicles.

Why LED Lights are the Right Choice for Construction Trucks

Before we get into how to shop for construction truck lighting, let’s go over the reasons to choose LEDs. After all, halogens have been the go-to option for work zones, so why have LED lights risen to take their place?

Efficient Operation

At construction sites, all of the equipment needs to be efficient, as the power sources are limited. LED warning lights are small, yet mighty, capable of supplying maximum illumination with just a tiny amount of energy. And, as LED lights convert about 95 percent of the energy they use into light, they’re far more efficient than halogens and other types of truck lighting.

Ultra-Bright Illumination

LED warning lights surpass halogens in their brightness, and the intense, far-reaching, glare-free illumination they provide helps ensure on-the-job safety. With LED truck lighting, the construction crew has ample bright white light to complete their work tasks. At the same time, the brightness of LEDs serves to alert pedestrians and drivers of the need to approach the area with caution.

Exceptional Durability

With few internal parts and a rugged, waterproof housing, LED warning lights are incredibly strong and can easily withstand the tough working conditions at construction sites. Frigid temperatures, extreme heat and bad weather conditions won’t cause them to fail, and because they generate light without the use of heat, LEDs don’t burn out suddenly like halogens and traditional bulbs.

Impressive Lifespan

LED warning lights provide powerful illumination for up to 50,000 hours. The construction crew can use them for 12 hours a day, every single day, and they’ll shine brightly for more than 10 years. In contrast, halogens last just a fraction of that time, operating for 1000 hours at most, so they frequently require replacement.

Steps to Shopping for Construction Truck LED Warning Lights

If you’ve already taken a look at your options for LED truck lighting, you know that a vast number of different configurations and styles are available. But while having a multitude of options is great, it also makes choosing the right LED warning lights to meet your needs much more challenging.

For an easier time determining which LED lights to purchase for your construction trucks, we recommend taking the following steps.

Step 1: Check the Laws on Construction Truck Lighting

Laws regarding the use of LED warning lights on construction trucks vary, so you need to check with local and state officials and find out the regulations in your area.

Certain colors, typically red and blue, may be reserved for police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances. You may also find that your city or state restricts the type of beam patterns used or the placement of construction truck lighting. Play it safe, and learn the laws before you make a purchase – and as online information is often inaccurate, take the time to make a phone call to a local law enforcement agency.

Step 2: Measure the Space Available for Installation

Give your construction trucks a careful look and decide where you’d like to mount your LED lights – then, grab a ruler and measure the dimensions of each spot.

You want LED truck lighting that is proportionate to the vehicle, and it needs to fit well in the spaces you have available. If you skip taking measurements, you might end up having to return the lights you purchase. And while exchanging them for appropriately sized warning lights might be simple enough, that’s a step you can avoid if you take a few minutes to measure.

Step 3: Decide Which Types of LED Lights You Need

Depending upon the vehicle space you have for mounting LED lights, you may have a range of different configurations to choose from.

LED light bars are a popular choice for construction trucks, as are individual puck-shaped warning lights. You can also go with grill lights or running board lights – or a combination of several. And if you need temporary lighting solutions, you can opt for beacon lights, which mount with high-powered magnets, or dash lights, which have suction cups to hold them in place. Figure out what you want before you begin shopping, and you’ll be able to easily narrow down your options.

Step 4: Consider the LED Light Beam Pattern Options

Externally mounted LED truck lighting generally comes with one of three beam patterns – spotlight, floodlight or combination – and the right choice for you depends upon your specific needs.

Spotlights cast a narrow, long beam of concentrated light ahead of or away from a vehicle, and they can be used at construction sites to illuminate a specific work area. Floodlights, on the other hand, allow for greater visibility in inclement weather and as they cast a wider beam of light, they can effectively brighten up a large space. With a combination beam pattern, LED warning lights have both spotlight and floodlight capability, and though each is slightly less concentrated, they are a good choice if you regularly require both types of lighting.

Step 5: Choose a Leading LED Lighting Distributor

Once you’ve decided which types of construction truck LED warning lights best meet your needs, you’ll be ready to shop – and where you shop can make a big difference.

With a reputable LED lighting distributor, you can count on having a good customer experience. Look for a Shopper Approved supplier with an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, one that offers products from the world’s best brands and manufacturers. That describes us here at LED Equipped, and all of the products we sell are backed by a 3-year warranty. And if you have questions or need expert advice, our friendly and knowledgeable associates are always willing to help.

Choose LED Equipped, and you’ll be able to outfit your construction trucks with state-of-the-art LED warning lights for an affordable price. We’re the lighting distributor of choice for law enforcement agencies, first responders, volunteer firefighters, towing services and construction companies across the country, and with our vast selection of high-quality products and our outstanding warranty protection, shopping with us is a smart decision.

Would you like to learn more about the LED lights in our extensive inventory? Or are you ready to get personal guidance and advice on selecting the right truck lighting solution to meet your specific needs? Either way, the LED Equipped team is here for you – just give us a call or send us an email through our website, and we’ll happily help you find the construction truck LED warning lights you need.

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