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Tow truck LED light bars

LED Hazard Lights for Tow Trucks

In a roadside emergency, it is particularly important to get commuting driver’s attention while you assist a broken-down driver with a flat tire, a vehicle in need of a tow or some other sort of roadside emergency.

Across the United States, LED Equipped has been helping tow truck drivers select and purchase their needed hazard lights to keep them and their customers safe while getting their vehicle either fixed or towed out of the hazardous situation. We offer plenty of selections that can help you remain safe on the job regardless of the location of the work site. Continue reading to get some more advice about our LED light bars and how they and their amazing lighting capability can help you with your work while also being an amazing investment into you and your work.

Tow Truck Lighting & Legal Compliance

Before selecting what you feel would be the right LED light bar for you, you should first consider the legality of the lights you choose. See, across the country, states and municipalities create and enforce law and statutes that regulate service workers, technicians, tow truck drivers and the like’s usage of hazard and courtesy lights. To best find out the laws and regulations regarding service and hazard lights, contact your local authorities for specific steps and criteria you must meet.

Some areas of the country have a certain set of features or light beam patterns or colors that are not allowed to be used by tow truck drivers or other service workers. Once you have found out about the regulations and rules you must follow, it is time to begin considering what you are looking for in an LED light bar system. Contact us for all help you may need or with any questions you may have.

Choosing Tow Hazard Lighting

Once you have considered the laws you must follow, it is time to begin thinking about what sort of product you are looking for. To begin, you should start considering what needs you have that need to be met in your LED light bar. For one, you should consider the kind of light you would like created by your LED light bar.

Lots of rescue vehicle drivers prefer the LED light bar pattern known as the spot beam. This pattern casts light long distances and, because of this, is better for on the road traveling as opposed to a flood beam. The flood beam casts more diffused light that gives usable light in the immediate area where the lamp is located. Though both lamp styles are useful and have their purposes, lots of tow truck drivers like the combination beam pattern, which is exactly as it sounds. An LED light bar with a combination of the flood and spot beam patterns gives you the ability to have bright, concentrated light, which is good for lighting objects that are a significant distance away from you. You can use the diffuse centralized light to illuminate the immediate area surrounding the LED light bar and vehicle itself.

One of the more attractive and useful aspects of the LED light bar is that your work lights are located on your truck or vehicle, so the lamps take up no floor space at the work site.

Other LED Light Bar Factors to Consider

Here at LED Equipped, we have such an impressive selection and catalogue of LED light bars and accessories that we assist fire departments, police departments, tow truck drivers, emergency first responders, volunteer firefighters, EMTs and all sort of construction and service or technician workers with their needs in every corner of the country. When considering your LED light bar needs, you should consider how bright of light you are looking for. When considering this need, you should consider the size and a few other specs when choosing your LED light bar.

The size of the LED light bar is important. From as small as four inches to as large as fifty inches, the longer the bar, the more bulbs in your LED light bar which means more light or lumens created by the bulbs which then means an even safer work space for you and your disabled motorist. When considering the light you are wanting your LED light bar to create, you should consider just how bright you are looking for. Each bar, regardless of the size, can come with either a single row of LED light bulbs or you can get a double-row of LED bulbs. Since there would be twice as many LED light bulbs in a double-row light bar, it creates more, if not double, the lumen output.

As mentioned above, there are certain legal requirements or needs you will have to meet in order to ensure your LED lights are street legal and will not attracted unwanted attention from the authorities as you rush to aid a stranded motorist. Mainly, there are two significant features you must watch out for to ensure legality. Firstly, you must consider what flashing patterns you will use. Secondly, you must consider which colors you will use. Legally, tow truck drivers, technicians and service workers are allowed to use only a certain specific set of colors for their LED lights. Contact your local authorities for further information about this subject.

Tow Truck LED Light Mounting Considerations

Once you have considered the needs and features you will require for your LED light bar, it is time to begin considering what and how you will mount and/or attach this LED light bar system to your vehicle and how you will connect your LED lights to your vehicle’s electrical systems. Many of our LED lights come with mounting kits already included with the LED lights itself. The same goes for the wiring materials to connect your light bar directly into the vehicle. However, some of our customers and patrons prefer to make their own modifications to their LED light kits by selecting their own mounts or wires or wire housings available from LED Equipped. Check out our website for our catalogue and our inventory.

Now that you have chosen a kit and an LED light bar system, it is important to consider why it is you chose the LED lights. LED light bars are what is known as a piece of solid-state technology, meaning that within the housing of the LED light bar, there are absolutely no moving parts. This also means that they are resistant to water, dust and cold temperatures. Further, because of this wonderful design, they are also resistant to minor bumps and impacts. Because of this innovative and amazing design, the longevity, durability and dependability of these lights are much more and much greater than competing lamps on the market.

Speaking of dependability, these LED light bars are also much easier and better to use than the competitors. With competing lamps, it generally takes several minutes for the light to warm up before it is even partially bright enough to use.

Sourcing the Best LED Hazard Lights for Your Needs

The safety of you and the stranded motorist you are assisting are, by far, the most important part of your job. When you go out on a call to help a motorist whose vehicle is broken down, you and that driver are stuck sitting on the side of the road where there could potentially be traffic whizzing by you at potentially highway level speeds, depending on your location. The last thing you want, is a lighting system that does not activate right away or that you are constantly needing to repair or even replace. These LED light bars will not give you any of these issues. As mentioned above, the LED light bars give off bright, clear light as soon as they are turned on without that pesky, frustrating and dangerous warm up period.

When considering what you are looking for in an LED light bar system, you should consider your needs and wanted features you are looking for in said system while also keeping in mind the laws of your local area. Consider your safety needs and what would help make your job easier. Once this has been decided, it is important to consider what exactly you will be purchasing. When you are keeping this in mind, the price of your LED light bar is important to consider. Your budget is important to consider, however, one thing to keep in mind before choosing the cheapest LED light bar available to you in the size you are looking for is that these products are useful for an extremely long time. Plus, these products are super resistant to all sort of potentially damaging or hazardous conditions that these LED lights might be exposed to. So, spending a bit more than you had maybe intended would be understandable considering how amazing of an investment these LED lights are for your truck and business.

The entire LED Equipped team is so passionate and so positive about the quality of our products that we actually provide a three year warranty on every piece of technology, mount, wiring system, hardware and product we sell. Contact us today for answers to all your questions and for assistance with all issues you may have. Check out our website to view our extensive inventory of LED light bars for tow trucks, or for more information about our products and their specs.

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