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LED hideaway lights unmarked cars

LED Hideaway Lights for Undercover Police Cars

Discreet vehicle lighting is essential for undercover police cars, and LED hideaway lights are the optimal solution for multiple reasons.

As their name suggests, hideaway lights remain tucked away and completely out of sight until the vehicle’s driver turns them on. Once the driver activates the designed switch, hideaway designs instantly provide bright, high-intensity lighting that can easily be seen from afar by other motorists, pedestrians and other first responders. With LED hideaway lights, law enforcement vehicles can appear just like any other car, truck or SUV on the road until the driver is ready to act.

And that is precisely what law enforcement agencies need for a variety of potentially dangerous and urgent scenarios.

In years past, police departments chose strobe lights as the standard for discreet, on-demand vehicle lighting. But, due to their limitations in design, strobes frequently failed to function properly. Today, undercover law enforcement officers can count on LED hideaway lights to serve their needs reliably and effectively.

Why LED Hideaways Are Superior to Strobe Lights

Hideaway lights feature high-powered LED elements, with ultra-clear lenses and industrial-strength waterproof housing designs. These advanced, high-tech designs allow for super-bright lighting and virtually foolproof protection from the elements. LED lights not only provide better illumination than strobes, they also offer significantly better durability. Hideaways placed on an undercover car, SUV or truck can provide durable and reliable functionality for years.

In addition, LED hideaway lights offer instant illumination, with no need for warm-up time. For law enforcement officers, avoiding detection is often the name of the game – and it can be the difference between life or death in dangerous situations. But the ability to light up the scene quickly and effectively when the time comes is also imperative.

Standard strobe lights may be less expensive than LED lights, but they tend to burn out and fail after a short period of time. Furthermore, strobes require significant battery power to operate, placing an inordinate drain on the vehicle’s better.

Alternately, LEDs produce a vast amount of light but require very little energy to operate. And, as undercover police vehicles typically also utilize sirens, radios, mobile data terminals, laptops and other energy-demanding devices onboard, choosing highly-efficient hideaway lights instead of strobes makes sense from an economic perspective as well as a way to reduce wear-and-tear on fleet vehicles.

Considerations for Installing LED Hideaway Lights

Hideaway light heads are small, with most being roughly 1.5 inches in diameter. With their diminutive size, these fixtures can be installed in a variety of different locations on or inside the vehicle, to allow for ample lighting when and where it is required. And, because hideaways work on virtually any type of vehicle, your purchasing department will not have to make separate specifications for each type of vehicle in the fleet.

For undercover cars, the most common placements for hideaways include:

  • Under the rearview mirrors
  • Inside the headlights and taillights
  • Within the wheel wells
  • Along the trunk
  • Along the doors
  • Flanking the license plates
  • On front and back bumpers

Multiple hideaways can be used on a single vehicle. And, for added convenience and ease of installation, these powerful illumination devices can also be used in conjunction with sirens and other LED lighting solutions, like dash lights and beacon lights.

When it comes to installing LED hideaway lights, many law enforcement divisions leave the task to a professional electrician or a designed vehicle wiring expert who works for the department. Letting an expert handle the details of the installation work can be the safest and most efficient approach, and it ensures that the installation is completed correctly without causing damage to the new equipment or other components of the vehicle.

But, not every department has an expert on staff or the resources to outsource the installation of their vehicle lighting and other emergency equipment. When you choose LED Equipped for your emergency lighting and siren needs, you can rest assured that every one of our products come with detailed, step-by-step manuals that guide you through the process.

As long as you take the necessary safety precautions – making sure you are grounded and the power source is disconnected before beginning the installation –you should be able to easily and safely install your own hideaways. And, if you hit a snag, our expert team is always standing by to provide guidance and help you achieve your goals.

Features of LED Hideaway Lights

Hideaways may be small in stature but they pack an oversized punch. This type of LED light configuration mimics the effect of strobes but, as compared to strobe lighting, LEDs offer greater visibility – and improved versatility.

With hideaways, you have any number of options to choose from. Opt for LEDs, and you get to specify the following elements:

Your Choice of Color

LED hideaways are available today in a wide range of colors. For undercover police vehicles, blue and white lighting, red and blue lighting or red and white lighting are normally used. At LED Equipped, our hideaways come equipped with your choice of different modes, that allow you to specify one or both colors to flash

Your Choice of Flash Pattern

Unlike strobe lights, LED hideaways can provide numerous lighting effects, and these options can be useful for law enforcement officers and other first responders. LED Equipped offers lights with 21 built-in flash patterns, and switching from one flashing effect to another is simple.

Your Choice of Synchronization

As we mentioned, unmarked emergency law enforcement vehicles can be equipped with more than one type of hideaway light. The products we sell here at LED Equipped can be easily synchronized, with up to 8 lights working in tandem for maximum visibility on the road.

Your Choice of LED Light Bundles

We know that many of our customers require several types of hideaways and LED lights. To facilitate these requirements, we offer several different lighting bundles for you to choose from. Buying by the bundle is more convenient and, more importantly, it also helps you save money on every purchase.

Choosing the Right LED Hideaway Lights for Your Needs

LED lights are widely available, and many lighting suppliers offer products suited for law enforcement officers. However, shopping with LED Equipped is a wise choice for several reasons:

  • LED Equipped is a preferred lighting supplier for police departments across the United States, and we offer both prominent and discreet vehicle lighting.
  • Our LED products feature the latest technology, so they are among the most powerful, most durable and most efficient on the market.
  • At LED Equipped, we stand behind our products and all of our lighting solutions are backed by an impressive 3-year warranty.
  • The high-quality LED lights we offer come with fair, competitive prices. With us, outfitting a vehicle with hideaways is surprisingly affordable.
  • We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and we work hard to maintain an A+ rating.
  • With nearly 800 reviews, LED Equipped is Shopper Approved – and customers rate us 4.6 out of 5 stars.
  • LED Equipped strives to provide outstanding customer service, and we carry out business with honesty, integrity and professionalism.

In addition, our friendly and knowledgeable lighting specialists are happy to help police officers find the ideal LED lights to meet their needs. We can answer your questions, assist you in navigating your options and offer expert advice on your best, most cost-effective lighting solution.

LED Equipped Accepts Government Purchase Orders

Anyone can purchase our LED lights, and we have a range of payment options. But if you are in law enforcement, you may not need to shoulder the cost of your discreet vehicle lights.

At LED Equipped, we gladly accept government purchase orders from police departments and other municipal agencies, including fire departments, emergency medical services, and public safety services. Other local, state and federal agencies are also welcome to submit purchase orders for our LED lights.

To take advantage of this option, simply place your order online and select “purchase order” as your method of payment. Then, email or fax us a signed copy of your purchase order, the official form issued by your police department or a document on official agency letterhead. Once we verify the information, we will quickly process your purchase and send out your LED lighting products.
When your line of work requires discreet vehicle lighting and you want top-quality products for an affordable price, turn to LED Equipped. Our hideaways are ultra-bright when you need them and nearly invisible when not in use. And as with all of our products, they are incredibly powerful – yet use very little power themselves. Our rugged hideaway lights are perfect for undercover police work.

And, should your police department have other vehicle lighting needs, we offer a full line of LED products. From beacon and dash lights to grill lights, running board lights, light bars and more, we have it all here at LED Equipped.

Rest assured, when you shop with LED Equipped, and we will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Visit our website and browse our selection of LED hideaway lights for undercover police cars today.

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