LED Hideaway Lights

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LED Hideaway Lights

We are pleased to be able to offer our line of LED Hideaway lights, a revolutionary new product created specifically to render strobes obsolete. Utilizing high powered LED elements, our LED Hideaway strobe lights are the obvious choice for any First Responder or Industrial Worker looking to cover dark spots with high-intensity lighting, at an affordable price.

Hideaway Lights for Undercover Police Cars

LED Hideaway lights are ideal for undercover cars because the hidden lights are out of sight when not in use. However, once turned on they can be seen even in the bright daytime. Best of all, these LED lights can be mounted almost anywhere on your motor vehicle. Now you can customize your lighting solutions in order to cater to your exact needs.

If your line of work requires a discrete vehicle strobe light system with different flash patterns than our LED hideaway lights are the perfect solution for you. For the complete package, shop our collection of Hideaway strobes and emergency sirens today.

Hideaways Are Versatile Emergency Vehicle Lights

Ideal for all emergency vehicle lighting, hideaways offer powerful warning signs and alarming light patterns that are necessary for law enforcement equipment. Pick up a Hideaway strobe light kit today for higher visibility in your warning lights.

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