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Using LED light bars for tow trucks

LED Light Bars for Tow Trucks:Safety &Clear, Bright Light

LED light bars are perfect for tow truck drivers and anyone who might be performing emergency roadside assistance for disabled motorists.

While helping drivers with their vehicles, dodging traffic on busy roads or highways are the last things you should be thinking about. Our simple to use LED light bars produce plenty of clear, intense light creating a safe, easy to use workspace. These bright LED light bars produce dazzling light without taking floor space in your work station, no matter where the call is: be it a windy, hilly dirt country road, a six lane highway located in the heart of downtown in your city or just an everyday neighborhood.

Here at LED Equipped, our LED light bars are so bright that,whether it’s the middle of a cloudy and foggy night or sunny at noon on a bright Arizona highway, these LED lights produce enough lumens to get any driver’s attention. This helps draw motorists’ attention to the tow truck, the driver, the disabled motorist(s), your workspace and that they should be driving carefully. These intense LED light bars help warn commuters and, provided you purchase a system with that ability, it can even light your immediate work area and make your job even easier.

To ensure you get the right light bars and accessories for your needs, you must first decide what features you are looking for in your LED light bar. For help and advice on what lighting system might be best for you, continue reading about our illuminating LED light bars here at LED Equipped.

Why Invest in Safe, Durable, Dependable & Long-LastingLED Light Bars?

When picking up a disabled vehicle on the highway, bright enough light is crucial in ensuring that you and the motorist are safe from passing vehicles. Almost the entire industry agrees that LED light bars are the safest and best choice to ensure that the money you spend on your LED light bar system is best for you safety, durability, dependability and longevity wise.

When it comes to safety, LED lights are the superior choice to produce light that will give you the best visibility for you to do your job while also notifying drivers around you of your presence. Here at LED equipped, we have the best products with their clear bight light.

Durability, or how much of a stress these LED light bars can take without being damaged, is also important in selecting which light bar is for you. LED lights are stronger than other competing bulbs. This is because they have few internal parts meaning the LED light bars are a piece of solid-state technology, meaning that within each light bar there is not a single piece of moving equipment or hardware and it is because of this that these LED light bars are so rugged and can withstand exposure to cold, small, minor impacts and even water.

Dependability is also important when selecting your LED light bar system. Imagine you’re on call to help a motorist stuck in the country with little to no light. With other lighting solutions, you would be forced to wait several minutes for the lights to warm up for before they are usable. With LED light bars, simply click the lights on and instant illumination notifying others around you of your minor emergency, giving you plenty of clear bright light to work with.

Longevity is another concern when selecting your LED light bar. Compared to competing lighting solutions, LED light bars can last for literal years, easily five or even ten times longer than competitors in some cases, as opposed to those competing solutions which last for a few thousand hours at best. Investing in your LED light bar system is investing into you and your business: yes, it’s rather expensive at first. But when you consider maintenance costs, as well as constantly replacing bulbs as they blow and how easy to use our LED lights are as compared to others, the investment is much more worth it over time.

Specific Features for Your Vehicle: How to Choose LED Light Bars

Now that it is clear why LED light bars are the best investment, the time has come to consider which features are most important to have in your LED light bar system. Consider the following to decide which system is the right fit for you and your truck.


The size of the LED light bar is important. Larger light bars mean more bulbs to produce light, thus giving you to even more lumens to work with. However, simply buying the largest light bar may not be the right solution either.

Finding the LED light bar to match the size and style of your vehicle is critical in getting the right safety and lighting equipment for your truck and your business. The best way to be sure the LED light bar will fit your vehicle is to measure the truck’s roof. This is because light bars vary in length, starting at four inches and ending at fifty inches in length. Thus, measuring the top of your vehicle is the only way to verify that your LED light bar will fit.


Next, the connector is something important to consider when determining which LED light bar system you prefer. Some kits include wiring and connection hardware you will need to install the LED light bar. Some customers, however, prefer to purchase separate wiring solutions to go with their selected LED light bar, often to have their systems fulfil a specific purpose or because they want something special. We can help with that, as well. LED light bars have two basic plug wiring configurations: either ATP or CT. Check your LED light bar to determine which connector style is needed for your LED light bar.


Mounting and attaching the LED light bar system chosen is also important. Choosing the placement of your LED light bar on your vehicle will impact your decision of mount for your LED light bar system. The most common location is the vehicle’s roof. However, some tow truck drivers choose to mount their LED light bars in their bumper or even windshield. This is possible in addition to the LED light bar mounted on the roof or in place of. The lights can also be placed on your grill or, depending on your needs and the features of your vehicle, it is even possible to place them on the running boards of your truck. For best results in selecting and placing your LED lights, consider your truck’s layout and your needs while you are on the job.


Next to consider is the number of rows of bulbs you would prefer. LED light bars currently come with either one or two rows of light bulbs, and which is better for you is mostly about personal preference, with a single exception. The more LED light bulbs within the LED light bar, the more lumens and light produced by said bar. Thus, the double row LED light bars tend to be most popular amongst professionals because of the extra light they produce. However, depending on your specific vehicle, the single row LED light bars might look more proportionate and, thus, fit better on the vehicle.

Again, this is mostly about personal preference.

Beam Pattern

Another issue to consider is the LED light bar’s beam pattern. The most commonly used patterns are the three most basic styles. Many prefer a spot beam pattern, which is great for on-road travel as it’s light shines far. A flood beam floods the entire immediate area with light, giving you plenty to work with, making that style best for on the job work instead of traveling. The third and final option is the combination pattern- which is a hybrid of the two, giving plenty of long-range visibility perfect for travel and clear bright light perfect for working in just about any condition.


The color of your LED lights is integral to the selection process. The color is mostly about personal preference. White light is most common because it is the best suited for driving conditions and that color produces the brightest light. Amber lights would be better, however, over white if you regularly deal with fog and other conditions of lower visibility. You can select color changing LED lights for your LED light bar, possibly even giving your red, blue or green light- making it that much easier to grab passing vehicle’s attention. Be cautious to investigate the laws for vehicles using LED caution lights such as yours. There are strict laws governing the usage of these LED light bars so as not to pose as the authorities.


The final significant feature to consider while selecting your LED light bar is the shape of the bar. LED light bars come in two distinct shapes: either a straight or a curved LED light bar. The way to make this decision is simple: consider the shape and model of your vehicle and consider what you would prefer aesthetically. Really its rather easy, which LED light bar would look best when installed?

One more thing to consider, though it was already touched on: though these LED light bar systems are expensive, they last for years. These LED lights are an intelligent long-term investment into your truck and your business. These LED light bar systems will last you so long, you will never even consider using another lamp again!

As touched on above, each state and even localities have regulations stating which LED lights and colors you can use to signify your job as a tow truck driver. The best way to find this information is to ask the local authorities. Guessing would be unadvisable, because that might result in your being pulled over and even ticketed on the way to helping a stranded motorist — an annoying yet completely avoidable mistake, provided you research beforehand.

Finding the Right System for You: On Time and On Budget

Finding the right light bar will not only help your safety but also help with job efficiency. Choosing the best equipment can complicated and frustrating- but we here at LED Equipped can help.

We can help you find the right LED light bar system for your tow truck, all of which come with a guaranteed 3-year warranty to cover every piece of equipment you purchase from us. Check out our online LED catalog today and contact us for assistance if you have any questions or need more information

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