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Truck-mounted LED light bars

LED Light Bars for Trucks – Questions & Answers

As off-road driving has become a more common leisure activity, LED light bars for trucks have also grown in popularity. Many enthusiasts enjoy nighttime off-roading, and LEDs offer optimal visibility for any driving conditions.

Here at LED Equipped, many customers want more information on LED lights and the products we sell. Our knowledgeable lighting specialists are always happy to share details and provide advice over the phone or via email, but you can also find answers to our most frequently asked questions about light bars for trucks below.

How Durable are LED Light Bars for Trucks?

When you’re off-roading, you’re often driving on difficult terrain. LED light bars can handle any conditions you might encounter when you go off the beaten path. They can take a great deal of abuse – even minor impacts — without suffering damage, as the rugged housing offers exceptional protection. With exterior durability and high-quality interior components, LEDs shine brightly for up to 50,000 hours.

Are Light Bars for Trucks Vehicle-Specific?

Not at all – they’re designed to be versatile, and you can install one on any truck make or model. What’s more, light bars aren’t just for trucks. Many of our customers mount them on SUVs, jeeps, ATVs and cars. However, you can find vehicle-specific mounting brackets, which may be preferable depending upon where you plan to place your LED lights.

How Do You Mount a Light Bar?

Off-roaders often mount bars on top of their trucks, but some choose to place their LED lights on a bull bar, atop the bumper or just above the windshield. As for mounting options, you have a range of options, including bolt-and-lock fasteners and clamp mounts. In addition, some styles can be mounted without drilling – they attach with suction cups inside the vehicle or with magnets on the exterior. But if you plan to drive at high speeds or over exceptionally rough terrain, a permanent mount is recommended.

What Sizes of Light Bars are Available?

Light bars for trucks come in a vast range of sizes, from as small as 4 inches to lengths of over 50 inches. The longer the bar of LED lights you install, the brighter the lighting — and the more current it will draw from your vehicle’s battery. However, illumination and power requirements aren’t the only considerations when choosing a size. You also need to make sure the length is a good fit for your truck. For a full-size roof-mounted bar, 40 to 50 inches typically works, but we recommend measuring before making a purchase.

Will an LED Light Bar Drain Your Truck’s Battery?

A single bar – even one of the larger models – isn’t much of a power hog, as LED lights are extremely efficient. However, if you plan to go off-roading quite frequently or blast the stereo with your lights, you may want to invest in a second battery. A dual-battery setup also makes good sense if you’re going to install other auxiliary lighting, as you may need the additional power.

Do LED Light Bars Come in Different Colors?

Yes! White LEDs are a popular choice, as they’re the brightest, but some off-roaders go with amber for better visibility in fog, dust storms and bad weather conditions. Dual color light bars for trucks are also available, so you can get the best of both worlds. And while you can opt for blue, red or green LED lights, those colors are more common for emergency vehicles.

What Beam Patterns Do LED Lights Produce?

Some light bars for trucks have spot beams, which are narrow, yet reach a long distance. Others feature flood beams, which shine light over a wider area. As a general rule, spot lights are better for on-road driving, while flood lights are better-suited for off-roading. That said, you can also choose a model with a combination beam pattern, as that way you’ll have both spot and flood lighting.

How Many Rows of LED Lights is Best?

Many people think more rows equals better performance, but this isn’t the case. With today’s highly advanced LED manufacturing and design, light bars for trucks can provide exceptional illumination with just one or two rows of bulbs. Dual-row lights are a bit brighter, but a single-row bar has a lower profile – and whichever is your priority should guide your decision.

Is a Curved or Straight Bar the Better Choice?

Some sources say that curved bars offer optimal lighting and usability, but that’s in dispute. The truth is, both styles have merits and drawbacks – and neither is really better than the other. When it comes to choosing between a curved and straight light bar, your preference is what matters. Whichever style you feel best compliments the look of your truck is the right one to purchase.

Can Light Bars Work with Other Vehicle Lights?

Absolutely! You can easily integrate a bar with other auxiliary lighting, and the LED lights will function in unison. To integrate everything, all you need is a switch panel or control box. Installation is quick and easy, and buttons allow you to manage up to 10 different lights. The unit also allows for the integration of a siren, but that isn’t a necessity for most off-roaders.

What are the Laws on Light Bars for Trucks?

The regulations you need to follow depend upon where you live. In some areas, auxiliary lighting must be covered when driving on public roads. In others, leaving your LEDs off when you’re in the city is enough to avoid a ticket. We recommend checking with your local law enforcement agency and learning the rules for your region before purchasing any LED lights.

What are the Top Light Bar Manufacturers?

Countless companies manufacture LED light bars for trucks, and many are high-quality products. Here at LED Equipped we offer a range of brands, manufacturers that are widely considered leaders in the industry. Aviator, Condor, Nightcrawler, Prairie Falcon and Falcon Flight are among the brands we feature, as we believe they’re some of the best on the market today.

Do Light Bars for Trucks Come with Warranties?

At LED Equipped, they do! We stand behind all of our LED lighting solutions, and we offer a 3-year warranty on every product we sell. Other suppliers may not provide the same warranty coverage, so be careful in deciding where you want to shop.

Why Choose LED Equipped?

Our 3-year warranty may be enough motivation to shop with LED Equipped, but customers come to us for a range of reasons. We’re the lighting supplier of choice because:

  • Our high-quality LED lights are among the most powerful, durable and efficient available – and they all come with fair, competitive prices
  • We have accreditation and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • We’re Shopper Approved, with 4.6 out of 5 stars and nearly 800 reviews
  • Our lighting specialists take great care to provide stellar customer service

In addition, LED Equipped is a preferred lighting supplier for law enforcement agencies, emergency vehicles, fire departments, construction companies and towing services around the country. By choosing us, you’re getting the same ultra-bright and durable LED lights used by police officers, first responders and businesses that need lighting for their work.

At LED Equipped, we offer the best light bars for trucks along with many other auxiliary lighting solutions from first-rate manufacturers. And if you need help deciding which options meet your needs, our friendly and knowledgeable lighting specialists can answer your questions and provide expert advice.

When you shop with LED Equipped, you can count on being satisfied with your purchase. Stop by our website and browse our selection of LED light bars for trucks today.

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