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LED lights for offroad vehicle

Offroading Lighting: Why LED Light Bars Make Sense

When off roading in your jeep, ATV or another type of utility vehicle, being able to see the terrain in front of you as you drive is essential. This helps to keep yourself or any passengers you may have with you safe while on any off-the-beaten path adventure.

To achieve maximum safety, choosing the best equipment and hardware for your vehicle is of the upmost importance. And none of your hardware is, arguably, as important as your headlamps and your off-road lighting. The best, by far, lighting systems and lamp designs on the market today are LED light bars. These types of lights are currently used by virtually all of the off-roading enthusiast community.

LED products are durable, reliable, long-lasting and easy to use for a whole slew of reasons. Here at LED Equipped, we have all the equipment and LED light bars for any sort need for any off roading enthusiast. Continue reading for more information about our why our LED light bars are the best investment for all your off roading vehicles.

Why LEDs Make the Best Offroad Lights

LED light bars are the superior product on the market today as compared to other lamps available. With a simple yet innovative design, today’s modern LED light bars are what are referred to as solid-state technology. Simply put, this means that there is no moving technology or components within the LED light bar itself.

Because the LED light bars are a piece of technology that does not need to move in any capacity to create light, it makes each light bar super durable and long lasting. The lack of moving components within the LED light bar itself means that there is amazingly little wear and tear that occurs from simply operating the light bar.

The ingenious design also helps LED light bars be resistant to water, dust and temperature extremes, thus making each bar even more durable than competing lamps. This is just the beginning of why these products are superior to others on the market. These products are entirely customizable to the point of fabrication. In fact, we can fabricate any sort of component or hardware you might need or want for your LED light bar system.

Because of the versatility of these products, it is completely possible for you to customize your entire LED light bar system so it is exactly to your specifications, even if that means you purchase every single piece of hardware piece by piece. And, because we always strive to give you the best products for the most competitive price, you might be surprised how affordable a customized setup can be.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Offroading

In order to best select your LED light bar system, you must first understand what exactly it is an LED light bar can do you for you. Below is a slightly more in-depth description of the specs and features that the light bars can do for you as compared to other lamps on the market.

When considering what to purchase for your LED light bar system, you should really consider the features and abilities you want your LED lighting bar system to have. One of the most impressive aspects of the LED light bars is that the light needed for your travel and adventuring is readily available as soon as you turn on your LED light bar.

As compared to other lamps, simply give the LED lighting unit power and bright clear light is available immediately to ensure a safe off-roading experience. No more pesky and frustrating waiting period while you wait for your lights to warm up to be bright enough to illuminate the way forward.

Another amazing aspect of LED light technology is how clear and bright the light available to you is. With LED light bars, the more bulbs that are in the unit itself means the more light the fixture can produce.

There are two ways to achieve adding more bulbs: you can either increase the size of the bar itself or you can add another row of bulbs to the LED light bar. The maximum number of rows you can have is two rows, but two rows is plenty to create all the light you will need. Fixture sizes vary in length, based on the customer’s need or vision, from four inches to as much as fifty inches. Measure your vehicle to be sure of the right size of your LED light bar.

Choosing Offroad LED Light Bar Shape

The next important item to consider for your LED light bar is the shape of your LED light bar. This decision is mostly based on your aesthetic preferences. The two choices you have for LED light bars are either a straight LED light bar or a curved LED light bar. In almost every instance, a straight bar matches better with older and “classic” looking vehicles as well as trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. Conversely, the curved LED light bar looks great on more modern vehicles and SUVs that are noticeably curved or have a slightly more complex design. Really, there is no discernable difference between a straight or curved LED light bar, so if you just particularly like the look of one specific style of LED light bar, that is the one you should purchase. Ultimately, there is no significant difference between the performance of the two styles of LED light bars.

Along with the size of your LED light bar, the last critical piece to consider is the beam pattern of your LED light bar. Some beams are slightly more concentrated than others, producing a light that is bright but concentrated slightly further away from the lamp than others, thus being advantageous for traveling and off-roading. The next is a flood pattern, which is a widely dispersed beam that washes the immediate area surrounding the light. These are better for working or doing something right up close to the vehicle or light source itself. The last two are sort of similar. These are the multi-beam and the combination patterns. The multi-beam LED light bar pattern can switch between spot or flood beam patterns while combination beam patterns utilizes both spot and flood at the same time. Selection of each pattern relies completely on you and your needs for your LED light bar system.

Mounting LED Offroad Lights

Once you have made your selection of LED light bars itself, it is important to consider how you will mount the LED lighting bar system to your vehicle. We have entire kits that are available for purchase if this is your first time or if you are not particularly mechanically inclined. If, however, you are more ambitious, you have been around this sort of lamps before or you are used to getting your hands a little bit dirty and you would like to customize your LED lighting system from top to tires, never fear for we have what you are looking for here.

We have an amazing inventory that can pretty much get you whatever you are looking for and if you cannot find it on our website, we can make it for you. From mounts to wiring, we can get you whatever sort of accessory, feature or product you might need or want. These products are useful and amazing, creating a clear, bright and illuminating light while also using less power than other lamps and also maintaining a higher standard for both durability but also for immediacy of light.

LED Equipped provides a 3-year warranty for everything we sell, so you’ll never have to worry that you’re getting the best LED offroad lights available today. Contact us today for any assistance you might need and call us with any questions you might have. Browse our inventory to see what we have available on our website. Contact our experts at LED Equipped today for advice on your LED light bar upgrade to your recreational vehicle!

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