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Growler Low Frequency Tone Siren Intersection Clearing System

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Introducing the LedEquipped Growler Low Frequency Tone Siren, designed to enhance warning capabilities in intersections and high-risk areas when paired with your 100/200 watt siren amplifier. The Growler emits deep, low-frequency tones that can penetrate vehicles, effectively alerting drivers and pedestrians of your approach.

The LedEquipped Growler Low Frequency Tone Siren serves as a vital addition to your emergency vehicle's warning system, providing an extra layer of alertness in critical situations such as intersections and high-risk areas. When paired with your existing 100/200 watt siren amplifier, the Growler enhances the effectiveness of your warning signals by emitting deep, low-frequency tones that resonate with exceptional clarity. These low-frequency tones possess the unique ability to penetrate through the cacophony of noise in urban environments, reaching both drivers and pedestrians with unmistakable urgency. By delivering a powerful auditory cue that can be felt as much as heard, the Growler ensures that your approach is unmistakably communicated, even amidst the bustling chaos of heavy traffic. This supplementary warning system is not intended to replace your vehicle's primary siren; rather, it functions as a valuable augmentation, enriching your overall safety strategy and bolstering the effectiveness of your emergency response efforts.

Enhance your emergency vehicle's warning capabilities and improve safety on the road with the LedEquipped Growler Low Frequency Tone Siren Intersection Clearing System.

Specs / Features

  • An effective add-on to any 100-200 watt warning siren, improving emergency vehicle operator safety and siren effectiveness.
  • Produces penetrating, vibrating low-frequency sound waves capable of alerting drivers to the presence of an oncoming emergency vehicle.
  • Compatible with any 100/200 watt emergency vehicle siren, including those with sweeping tone, Hi/Low, and electronic mechanical tone options.
  • Activation of low-frequency siren sound can be achieved via any emergency vehicle steering wheel horn ring.
  • Highly effective in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle traffic, with an 8-second safety timer for automatic tone shutdown to prevent overexposure.
  • Built-in timer limits overexposure time for operator safety, with recommended use of approved hearing protection.
  • Includes two separate external cancel controls, allowing cancellation of the tone via positive or negative activation.
  • The system includes speakers specifically designed for use with the Growler amplifier, tailored to various vehicle applications.

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